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[Not UR's fault] Will try to borrow a laptop since my potato pc sucks

Firefox and Chrome browser crashing using WinOS PC.
Screen locks up, sometimes turns black, "User_Name_Too_Long" appears in place of players names.
Windows Task Manager shows UR requiring Memory and when it tops out, UR crashes.

This began Monday late afternoon EST. Continues today.
This Memory issues tends to happen when new UR features or events are released.

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STRIKER IS IN!!!!smiley

In first post is link

Is ur(dot(dot)xephon(dot)org safe to use? I've always used it to retrieve my total collection clintz value. It seems like a very helpful tool but is it regarded safe by you guys?


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5.2k packs is temporary, probably just today
Changes on MT boosts are not uncommon, they decided to switch it up again today. These are not permanent, but probably the boosts stay like this for a while!

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Confidence is a counter because it punishes Frozn for their exact style of play Morten. For example if I was to say the card was Confidence: Cancel power and damage mod would that make it a clearer counter? Having this card automatically means that (unless your opponent has Haaken) your opponent can only win with Frozn bonus once that's a big counter.

Yes the clan has plenty of good DR and Defeat cards (but more importantly Vortex has good DR and Defeat to combo with Frozn's offensive cards). This only makes gameplay more obvious. If they play a courage DR, you can old and win. Then you have Confidence: Cancel power and damage mod or Confidence: + Power and this shuts down their bonus advantage, and because its 5* it has strong stats which forces your opponent to play another DR if they have one, pill heavy to win the round, or eat big damage. Then your opponent only has a chance to use Frozn bonus once after this, making the bonus essentially half as strong.

You're right though that confidence: +4 life is like an anticounter, I was a bit drunk when I thought of this one though. If its an offensive card it has to be something that can outpill Frozn


When do we find out who the Top 10 cosplays are?
Any thought to my idea of making the Top 10 or Top 3 a temporary replacement for the original art?

saturday 24/10

I can see Morlha still being the actualy leader behind the scenes but she allows Prof Edmund to be the visual leader of the clan.

edited by UM_AaaBattery saturday 24/10, 12:10

friday 23/10

Ill check but I think The drop rate increase was just for the wednesday charity event.

edited by UM_AaaBattery saturday 24/10, 00:51

wednesday 21/10

The wheel usally takes longer smiley

I think she arrives at 11am

tuesday 20/10

monday 19/10

Never thought I'd see the day when Pandora returns to T1. This is gonna be interesting~

friday 16/10

Inflation is real

tuesday 13/10

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I ment support -1 dmg min2 xd

@Hutson, true but it still isn't activated by losing smiley

sunday 11/10

Cortez going mt confirm

thursday 08/10

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I pulled 2 Nadia(amongst other things)so I gotta say this pack is alright lol

monday 05/10

Thank god galileo got banned. Riots dont need him as they are already a strong clan in the format

Im not a competetive player so I wont aim to win but its nice to see it carry on. smiley

friday 02/10

A 50m nb rare bm mission

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