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thursday 24/11/2016

Half Saks and Guiest would work pretty well.

wednesday 23/11/2016

Just use Ambre together with your type 2 deck. make sure you can kill in just 2 rounds. use Ksendra, Koshiro & Gork

monday 14/11/2016


Pre-nerf morphun was just a staple in most t2 decks, I think he is just played on your higher streaks these days because of that 10 maximum.

Hugo and Bridget were next priority if not morphun.

I think some leaders will be adjusted some day that they wil lbe used smiley

monday 31/10/2016

Survivor is a strange kind of game.

1) I'd rather put Oxo instead of Alaister: always have a soa in your deck.
2) You are missing a hell of an important card for Sakhrom: Mokhra, so i'd rather put him instead of Uranus, putting an Artus instead of hubert.
3) The truth is that the 4 and 5 stars of Sakhrom, which are great, are badly compensated by the 2 and 3 stars of nightmare, which are not so good with the exeption of Artus and Pandora.
4) I suggest you to equalize with another clan with better 2 stars, like, for example Frozn or Ulu Watu (Tormentah, Yodd, Dave, Mango).
5) I could tell you much more, but remember that in survivor luck plays a major role, it's stille the less meritocratic game mode of the game: you can see a Kiki + Ymirah deck even if you have all 3 of your 2 stars and a miserable 3 stars in hand when you have only 10 pillz.
6) The best suggestion I have is: play and play, know how much pillz you can play with every card against every card of other clans and try to be psychological when you have equal chance of winning against your opponent.

saturday 29/10/2016

Sahil has the stuff... Mono is not that good.

Though I would go for more damage on Vortex:

Nexus => Rahi Sledon

And on Sakrohm:

Dustyn => Oxo (he's the wall)

But yeh!

friday 14/10/2016

Most will say you need a leader

sunday 02/10/2016

Bodenpower gogogo
The low minimum forces the opponent to pill

sunday 04/09/2016

The main good decks I see in T2 are mostly Bangers and Raptors with Riots and Frozn sometimes showing up and obliterating me.

For whatever reason, I've only encountered one Uppers player in survivor, but I was completely outmatched.

thursday 07/07/2016

The ideal pilling tactic depends on your opponent. When I play survivor t2. I will ususally use the old sak, morph, uppers deck. the characters of that deck will either dr in which I usually old or are viable attackers in which I will usually play the odds of how many pills are needed to win against the attacker that is most likely to be picked against that card. I rarely go over 6 pills in the first round unless I have morph also. This deck works across the board no matter the pill/life count. Should u find yourself uneasy with it at lower pill counts use a morphon deck or a riots deck or switch to a deck that is centered on high life like hurcans/ cats or hurcan/jungo

monday 04/07/2016

Go for huracan, they are really good in elo but watch out for any raptors smiley

thursday 23/06/2016

tuesday 21/06/2016

Phoebe is elo banned...
Or I am sure every rescue deck would use hersmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

I would try to focus on four drs and huge heave damagers that can win you the game in one fury

LEbron guy said the F word
can some one please warn him or blacklist him?
Many children can read between the lines and that's not cool.....

wednesday 18/05/2016

Survivor ELO: Gatuchica / Derby Queen / Papa Gallo / Tengu / Wonder Lana (Rey Mono if you're having SoA issues) / Mama Killa / Fuerza Ciega or El Matador / Lumber Jack or Tekumman
Survivor T2: Noctezuma Cr / Kinichaw Cr / Lumber Jack / El Jaguar / El Divino / El Gascaro / Tekumman / El Matador or Leade

thursday 21/04/2016

So I use this deck http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/presets/?id_preset=2856859 , sometimes changing Draheera to XU52. Can you give me some views on it?

wednesday 17/02/2016

Survivor and Fight Club - is different modes. If you take "easily 15 wins" in Fight Club it not does at mean that you win "easily" 15 battles in a row in Surv.

thursday 21/01/2016

How boring do what every one eles dose yawn

they should tweak survivor a bit to make it more different then only these nothing els works decks

Hello All. I am just getting back from along time off from this game. I see that much has changed. Since I havent played in awhile im not really sure how the meta game is anymore. I am currently playing survivor elo and have some question.

This is my deck:
Brok, Mahimata, Sah Brinak, Yodd
Bublgmm, C-wing, Khaali, Naele

I got to 9 wins but still would like some input advice.
Thanks again

thursday 10/12/2015

Try taking wardom out. gheist nightmare works good too. mono pussycats works well also.

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