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wednesday 03/09/2014

Congrats. Seeing as it got you to 19 wins it probably better to not change anything lol.

I would personally change Kazayan to Hefty for the SOB which can help.

monday 11/08/2014

Thanks...I'm probably gonna play that and see what happens...it seems like a pretty solid deck for the later stages of Survivor. =)

friday 01/08/2014

tuesday 29/07/2014

That's good. smiley
I'm thinking of Testing Tobbie to Luke
Luke is more SOA stable and is only 1 damage les

monday 28/07/2014

friday 18/07/2014


With my new cards

thursday 17/07/2014

Jeez jerromy wanna talk about a heavy hitter. How does running all 5*s work out for you? I'm trying to get into survivor mode but haven t really had a deck mesh well yet

tuesday 08/07/2014

Morphum on sekutor

Yea might have to clean it out. has happened to me as well

sunday 06/07/2014

Dagg and Dregn need in that deck. When you get to 8 pillz you won't stand a chance with the majority of your hands.

saturday 28/06/2014

Bangers just don't hang with Uppers/Sak/Junkz/Sents. Just got 27 Survivor today, finally beating my previous record of 26 which i reached 3 times.

The leader depends on what cards are in my deck.
hugo i use for my -/+ att /power card hugo give them that ally oop.
heck gheist is the only clan i know were the leader with stike back is acculy usfull for me. gheist love going sec in a game above other clans.

it sjust depends realy

sunday 22/06/2014

Got to 9 today looking for some advice to make this deck even better!

sunday 15/06/2014

saturday 17/05/2014

Id appreciate some feedback on this guys

monday 05/05/2014


sunday 04/05/2014

It was a player ban. Nothing special about the ban itself.

tuesday 29/04/2014

I luv dis deck

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