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Because of Black Market Missions and the wheelsmiley
Clintz are easy to come by nowadays, so the prices are on a rise smiley

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ADDENDUM - Guild Recruitment

Keep all recruitment to the designated resources. AKA - Use these message boards.

No player should be spamming others with PMs, 'recruiting' them away from another guild. Nor should players without guilds be subjected to unsolicited spam, if they never indicated that they are looking for a guild to join.

Approaching a player who is already in a guild is generally considered in very poor taste. However, sending several recruitment PMs is spam, and a clear violation of Article 6 of the Terms & Conditions.

If an existing guild appears to be inactive, it is up to the individual players to take action. They may look for a new guild. They may leave on their own and go solo. They may appeal to the admins to have a new Founder named. Extending an offer or making an inquiry is understandable. Spamming the guild roster to "recruit" is not.

This isn't an invitation for debate. No further warnings will be offered on this topic.

Thank you.


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TCA plus U equals better UR experience C:

wednesday 14/04

tuesday 13/04

This is an elite english speaking guild if you are looking for one. Morten is a UR fanatic who documents and follows the storyline as well as the game for the ENG community. He is kind enough to answer all players questions and Im sure if you're lucky enough to get into OC, the knowledge you'll gain will benefit you!

tuesday 06/04

FF Chivito - If you don’t mind me joining for 2 days to ask for L Lace01 and then most likely leave, then I’ll probs join for a couple days smiley

sunday 04/04

If you folks are bms addicts make use of your addiction on my event https://www.urban-rivals.com/en/events/?id_event=117874
Only condition to join is level 50 smiley

saturday 03/04

7. Come watch my streams https://www.twitch.tv/mini_macho_

wednesday 31/03

I can make you one

saturday 27/03

You an try one of the popular guilds first, that would give you a popularity and following which will help you create your own

thursday 25/03

Come join us on this journey at 1776! Trying to build from the bottom lots of room to grow be apart of the vision.


wednesday 24/03

sunday 21/03

Im not gonna seduce you into joining my faction, anyone who asks is invited.
The main goal of this guild is to be pimping playboy.
- About me :
I care about my members and im trying to make the best playing experience for all in the team.
I enjoy strategizing and creating systems in whatever domain there is and then sharing this knowledge with those i love in an organized, powerful and efficient way
''Knowledge is power'' - Shrek
About you:
The first statement was a lie, the requirements to join are that you must be straight packing a 10 incher
(I feel sorry you had to read this paragraph)

saturday 20/03

wednesday 10/03

Still open!

friday 26/02

Just reach level 30 smiley to join OC

monday 22/02

"Ladies, our guild has an influx of highly trained dentists (who are just totally jacked) and need companionship! Come join us for super good times!" Then five minutes later, "Men, we have a massive influx of beach-tanned smoking hot ladies for you to meet, and they all want to know you! Come join for super good times!" Then we asked them "we thought you had an influx of men?.. He just replied with " we got a lot of applicants!

sunday 21/02

Bm for clinz

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