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ADDENDUM - Guild Recruitment

Keep all recruitment to the designated resources. AKA - Use these message boards.

No player should be spamming others with PMs, 'recruiting' them away from another guild. Nor should players without guilds be subjected to unsolicited spam, if they never indicated that they are looking for a guild to join.

Approaching a player who is already in a guild is generally considered in very poor taste. However, sending several recruitment PMs is spam, and a clear violation of Article 6 of the Terms & Conditions.

If an existing guild appears to be inactive, it is up to the individual players to take action. They may look for a new guild. They may leave on their own and go solo. They may appeal to the admins to have a new Founder named. Extending an offer or making an inquiry is understandable. Spamming the guild roster to "recruit" is not.

This isn't an invitation for debate. No further warnings will be offered on this topic.

Thank you.


new hot 80 messages

Welcome to the guild 0 Truceboy!

That's true I'm depressed today because I'm sicksmiley

monday 18/03

Is it Florida Jane Cr and Wonder Lana Cr.

Jokes aside, we are trying to get MOB back into action.

A reminder to those applying must be able to commit to the game. While we aim to have no more than 75 players, I understand it can be demotivating to join when you have no access to the Guild Bank.

I look for visible commitment. If you join and have Green Activity, a visible EFC Score and whatnot, I will promote new members to Guild Veterans.
Other ways include posting in Guild Forums.

PS: Do not vote for the following:
Miss El Exotico 2019. (Schatzi is not in the Miss contest, so why should El Exotico be allowed).

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr monday 18/03, 09:48

thursday 14/03

Are we not still the greatest guild ever?smiley

sunday 10/03

tuesday 05/03

I sent you a card for 50 clintz that you should hopefully be able to trade for or use in a bit of an updated deck. Despite what people are saying the power creep has been a bit ludicrous

There are some players who are completionists. I'm not one of them.
But those players are those hardcore mission completion players who do the missions for achievements (and for Death Adder, No Love, Atkinson occasionally) in my opinion and do not care too much about the reward besides having their name on the top of the rankings.

Some players like me also use missions as guidelines on "what should I do in Urban Rivals today", otherwise it might be mundane meaningless battling in my opinion.
I am content with the reward if the mission is doable within a timeframe.

In fairness, some of those rewards were worth more back in the day (2012), but some were changed.

Slot Tickets, Tokenz were removed but yeah.

sunday 03/03

Feel free to check out HoA smiley.

friday 01/03

I could suggest Masters of Battle if you are interested.

You are Level 42, which is above the pre-requisite of Level 35.

We have some EFC and Tourney Experts, a Guild Bank with cards and I can also help you get started in re-learning how to play new Urban Rivals.

However, I will warn you that MOB will not be suitable if you feel you might not be able to commit towards playing UR or work towards our guild rules.

If you are interested, you can apply to the MOB and send me a PM if needed.

You could also consider checking these other EN Guilds as well and find one that best suits you:
XC = E X C A L I B U R
OC = Open Casket
HOA = Hip Hop Messiahz
TCA = Time Conquers All
TNT= Trinity
UM = Urban Madness
WMD = Wise Men Distracted
Just to name a few.

Of course, I can only speak from an MOB (Masters of Battle) perspective.
For those other Guilds I mentioned, you need to contact the relevant players to find out more or ask details to see if you can join or what their regulations are.
Ones with a Mediator/Operator or Moderator can also help in the long run if you need assistance for technical stuff.

If there are other things you are looking for besides getting back to the game, it would help mentioning them as it gives others from guilds abilities to helping you.

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr friday 01/03, 19:25

tuesday 19/02

"Time has a privileged present, only now is real. Time seems to be the universal background through which all events proceed, such that order can be sequenced and durations measured.

The question is whether these features are actual realities of the physical world or artificial constructs of human mentality"
Just saying

sunday 17/02

thursday 14/02

Any publicity is good publicity. Thanks, Homie. smiley

tuesday 12/02

Thanks buddy! wasn't sure if they were still able to be played or not

I never accepted the guild invite I don’t know why it’s done that

tuesday 29/01

Good luck though. Smacking kisses sent to you and your family

wednesday 02/01

Free fight is still good if you want a casual fun. If you're looking for a more competitive/strategic mode I'd recommend Tourney Type 1. A deck for Tourney would probably only 100kc-200kc so just sell one of your more expensive cards and buy the newer cards.

friday 28/12/2018

'Any smurfs are welcome in our guild'
Shame that smurfs most definitely aren't welcome in the game as they're banned smileysmiley

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