Massive ups to you all that have prepared this smiley

I see. It now shows the face of Kate.

The link name here is what it says by default.

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I would like to inquire on Eternal status.
When does one aim for that status? At what Level is it preferred to begin aiming for it?
Just recently got to Colossus, and with the whole Eternal tag, i was thinking of not evolving my semi-evos; however that will down my cash flow and ability to buy cards that I don't have..
Is Eternal tag really that worth it?? I guess for me, my priority is getting / buying all cards that are ELO legal.

Is the new hero now Level 200 attainable, as seen in the Spot? Any idea of its Ability, it should be better than Robert Cobb being Level 200 requirement... I still think Robert Cobb is the best, hehe!

Is there a way for Kate pricing to consider all costs, that include Semi-evo cost and not just the star cost of what your selling.. Eg. I want to sell my Eyrton, 5*, The 5* price is higher than the semi-evo price;

Do you think that Kate can have an option for you to sell between the lowest semi-evo price and the current 5* star price? It really is a drag putting things on the market, and having to one-by-one marking down Kate's price since the other evolution are cheaper. Such as if i plan to sell 50 cards, I need to... one by one, remove the card from sale, then check lowest price, then re-price the card. Its really a long process. smileysmileysmileysmiley

Is there a 2019 guide? smiley

I feel half deck is a more common way to say 4/4 so it probably is not worth mentioning.

News/Info on this Thread

Updates might take a while if I am busy.

Testing a new feature for my guide to include card rarity next to their name.

Will fix the checklist to display rarity count.

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Other Gameplay Guides + Explanations


Basic Deck Building

Stop opp Bonus VS Stop opp Ability and all the like, EXPLAINED

The Ultimate 1HKO Guide {Updated}

Level Reference Chart

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#Shatzi and Kit-E

Though Kit-E is just a genderless robot. Maybe called "he" jokingly by the clan as its just a tool to control?
Shatzi is a purely subervient bdsm toy. smiley

Neither have a role of real importance to the clan really. Both expendable low level members. IMO

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You can also win 6 in a row as I did in this video. That works, too. Then just screenshot it and send to staff.

Kinichaw Cr could be worse

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Something like this smiley

Even tho Skeelz already have their Big as Waldegrin smiley

-steal Pillz/Life, pretty self-explanatory. Basically - x combined with + x
-comeback as a condition, meaning it only activates if you have less lives then your opponent. could be used to balance strong abilities. this could also be used for pillz or if you lead
-and something that works like Stop: but for attack, power or damage modifiers. something like "Affect Power: +15 attack" that means if your opponent uses "- X Pow" against your card, your card gets an attack buff. of course that can be used in any combination of power, attack and damage.

It's true you can't really avoid it now, but what makes the difference if it's full of stuff you don't want to see and don't look at it or empty and you don't look at it.

But to be clear I would like the difference between friends and following, I just don't get why you would empty it

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Perfect answers once again, thank you very much. The fact it is hidden in the tutorials makes some sense I still think a post/ page should exist to consult these type of details

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And also... why would a lv 113 user would ask such a question smiley

You should have known by far how the game actually works.

Just like any other game that would allow you to skip with in-game cash to shorten the time to wait for

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Gimme a moment to fix that. Revived some PMs as well saying I need to update this thread.

3. Collector characters that have earned their mythic status

Nemo left Clint City and became cr 25 December 2017. Nemo was a special tribute card to a scriptwriter named Nemo that worked with staff and was a friend to staff. Nemo was first released as a special card in a pack were the credits spend on the pack was donated to the Centre Oscar Lambret. As community we ended up donating 6000 eruo.
( He was released in new blood but quickly became cr. )

Nemo Mt became mt the 31 January 2018 because of this. Nemo is bowing out. This tribute character will now move over to Mythic card status.

Dragan left Clint City the 23 Marts 2007 and became cr 31 Marts 2007 because of fowling thing. After 6 months of relentless struggle, Dragan (sentinel), Reine (Sakrohm), A Award (sakrohm) and skullface (sentinel) leave Clint City to join new adventures.

Dragan Mt become mt 12 November 2018 because of fowling reason. Dragan is a very special card, both in terms of the game's history and its distribution. This card, released straight from the SOLEIL editions, was supposed to be distributed as a limited edition, and because of this, our veteran from the Earth Alliance’s elite army corps should soon obtain his Mythical status!

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