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Some pages have issues for me, only on phone tho I think

Ye Bagadur... Unfortunately I think he was and still is too weak... I feel like GHEIST in general are too weak, besides some great core cards (Rekt Ld, L Lace01, #arn2000... Darling?) that aren't enough for a good support nor offensive half deck...

At least in EFC that is.

Post 70
that's a great idea from izy, then we can still use polit cards or efc tower cards
if everyone stays in z palace 95% of the cards will be useless

The return of Leone made the clan the most popular past month. However, without him around, last month Montana were the least played clan of the ranking.
We think he is crucial right now for the clan to be played at high levels, and this is why we would like to try and keep him in the format, while banning another popular card of the clan.
The choice was to be made between Iris Morana and Figaro. As Figaro is a very recent card, we decided to try and take out Iris Morana, by restoring Vermaire.
We will keep monitoring this change during the season and it’s possible more changes will be done next month.
A new Montana 5* is currently being worked on for the near future.

- - - -

No change needed
Madadook, the so long teased character of the magazine, will come soon…

- - - -

The clan was rarely played.
We decided to remove the Max 12 on Bonnie Ld’s ability. This limitation was put on her to limit the sinergy between her and other strong cards such us Barden, Langren and Ursula.
However, as all of the cards mentioned above are no longer playable in Z Palace, we think we can safely restore Bonnie to her full potential.

- - - -

The clan was quite popular past season, but mostly as a support clan for the top ones and did not feature winrates too troublesome. We think we can leave the clan as it is for this season and keep observing it.

- - - -

The clan was quite popular past season, but we think mostly as a counter to the top clan Montana. We think we can leave the clan as it is for this season and keep observing it.

- - - -

no change needed

- - - -

The clan was rarely played, but we made no changes as a New Blood is coming for them this week.

- - - -

The clan was average in the ranking, but Bakuta Ld resulted to have a very low winrate among LD cards.
We decided to increase its ability Max from 15 to 18, in order to make him more synergic with other + Life cards, like for example Gonzo.

- - - -

The swap we did last season between Baka and Ahseya seems to have kept in check the clan… even a little too much, as they weren’t that popular the past month.
We decided to try and restore Virginia in place and Tara to increase the clan number of playable choices, and we will keep observing the clan as it is this month.
If they will keep losing positions in the ranking, next month, we may restore Lear Barduh to Z Palace in place of Rahmzay.

- - - -

The clan was rarely played.
As teased last month, we decided to restore Carmen in place of Mandy, to provide a more solid 3* card to the clan.

- - - -

The clan was slightly below average in the ranking.
Yomi Ld resulted to be the LD card with the lowest winrate. However, she was played a good amount of times compared to the other clan choices, so we think the direction of her ability is good. We decided to slightly buff her, reducing her ability minimum from 2 to 1.

- - - -

Ulu Watu:
no change needed

- - - -

no change needed
While not played a lot and without reaching too dangerous stats, Nega D Ld resulted to be the card with the highest match winrate in Z Palace.
It is a high risk - high reward card, and we think he deserves his spot on the meta as cards like him are quite rare there. However, we feel like we should make him a little more risky to play than as it is now. This is why we increased his infection backlash from Poison 3 to Poison 4.

- - - -

The card was nicely placed in the ranking, but we think it is too dependant from Predtr Ld and Fhtagn Ld, that are too solid together. This drastically reduces the clan number of playable choices, as without LD cards the clan is not played or it is played with only 3 cards formations.
In order to increase diversity in deck building, we decided to restore Rahi Sledon in place of Angora, and to slightly nerf Fhtagn Ld ability from -3 Life min 2 to -3 min 4. This will keep intact his strenght as an opener card, but it will make him a bit more predictable and less solid overall during the course of the match, as well as putting him more in competition with Cyb Yose and C Porkks for a spot in a deck.
We will keep observing closely this change during the month.

- - - - -

No change needed

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Is ur(dot(dot)xephon(dot)org safe to use? I've always used it to retrieve my total collection clintz value. It seems like a very helpful tool but is it regarded safe by you guys?


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LOA this is an issue I always see when people compare cards though.

People never seem to consider damage = power. For example 1 card is SOA 8/6 another is SOA 8/8.. obviously 1 card is better but on winning ability alone they are equal.

Crook definitely has a better ability than Nero. The ability +1 pillz and life alone is equal to a bonus. Getting it on defeat AND victory makes you essentially have an ability worth 2 bonuses.

Even though Crook's ability doesn't help him win fights it makes him more impactful, much more. So he beats Nero for sure.

Furthermore Nero is essentially no ability against SOB clans and Protection:Ability as well.

sunday 11/11

saturday 10/11

Goodbye Bruno

Until they become CRs / MT on Monday

Everyone received their Uncommon card on Wed

Check your card's history: Wed 07/11 Obtained from a moderator by Goralion

friday 09/11

So, if we bought any hq/season we get v2 for free, but what if we bought them and finished them, do we still get v2 for free?

thursday 08/11

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are Bangers, La Junta, GHEIST, and Skeelz.

saturday 03/11

Use Homy against Brody without his bonus + Timber. Possible 24 life gap, 18 hearts healed. Or on the 2* Tormentah with Timber, possible 16 gap.

Beastly card Homy, for the enemy sometimes lol.

thursday 01/11

How was it? Is there a chance to watch/read the session now?

wednesday 31/10

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monday 29/10

Too bad I joined too late to play this. It was amazing. Too bad it went back to the play the cows mode, it was actually really fun and strategic in both deckbuilding and gameplay. You could use the OP Cards but at the same time you had to be smart in building the rest.
(No, I do not have Lyse Teria Cr.)


So... the point system... when will you make it harder?

friday 26/10


thursday 25/10

When you go on your profile there should be an option above the current sales and previous sales thing. It says "play" and next to "play" is some icon that looks like a clock. Click on that and PUM! Battle history shows up.
Say hi to Amanda and the kids for me

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