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Why Lowki still ban in ELO ? smiley

There are some issues with editing as it leads to line breaks.
I will not be editing this for a while because of it. The formatting to Sentinel SemiEvos is broken as of now.

Editor's note: Not broken anymore, guide updated and cleaned up on 3/3

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Special Notes:
I rewrote Crook`s ability in that list from the original wording to avoid confusion towards his ability affecting you with Bugamon`s ability wording taken to account.
Crook`s ability from his profile: Night: Vict. Or Def.: -1 Life & Pillz, Min 0

Crook LOWERS your OPPONENT`S Life and Pillz by 1 to a minimum of 0 upon Victory or Defeat.

These are the Day/Night abilities for reference.

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tuesday 24/03


I recommend you to follow this account since it's managed by the Staff and every monday shows a picture with what cards are weekly banned.

For instance for this week:

friday 20/03

You don't think Ksaba, 2* glorg are ban worthy? I see a nightmare in a good chunk of games, and when I see these cards I always think how are they not perma banned?

kaija - Strong card, you could argue for banning any card in roots tbh

akkrak - main flaw is SOA, in the current meta, this card is not problematic in my opinion. There are so many cards with high base stats and SOA running around like crazy, cancel pow/damage modifiers are common now too... etc. If this card needs to be banned, Djanghost needs to be banned first

hulahukah - I didn't even know this card existed before you mentioned it, can't give an opinion, but frozen is so weak and difficult to use
eklore - All leaders have this same issue you could argue almost, so it's a fair point

kupanda - Rhizom and noel are more problematic imo

beeboy cr - Do people use this clan still?
ongh cr - fair
el tortillo - This card on paper looks really strong actually. I don't see it often though.

For the sake of argument, I'd like to add that yookie is in a different league than Jane ramba and quasichoco. I don't know if this needs much explanation but yookie with bonus vs Chopper Ld turns Chopper into an 8/1, Jane and Quasichoco turn it into an 8/4... you could use this as an example for any card which has +/- life abilities and yookie because incomparable.

Kalumet was literally released and fills a similar but less powerful roll. Kalumet is even borderline op.

sunday 08/03

You can always prevent ending games in 50/50s by trying to identify how you can win T1 / T2 which is the only interesting thing in this game. You'd be surprised how often people pill randomly...

saturday 07/03

I also don't see the need for a new 5* GHEIST. If anything, it's good that GHEIST players still have a number of options, each serving different role. Yes, they're not great but definitely not unviable. Their 4* lineup is also very solid, GHEIST is not lagging in the high star department. A new, strong 5* will only push GHEIST's presence in SRV T3 further. Personally, I would appreciate a low star DR for the clan (that is not an LD), but that's a whole new discussion.

monday 17/02

Combine them with Komboka, especially during the day. Pavam is the 4* of choice since the other one is over 200k. Kupanda, Hilal, and Rhizom Noel are the way to go. Combine them with #Dakota, Bambino, Comanche and Djanghost Ld or MKali. IF you go with the former, switch #Dakota with Wild Holiday Ld. Makes for a great daytime deck.

friday 14/02

Thank you. If there s also smthing for each round played(like there is ingame but for afterwards) notify, either way thanks all

thursday 13/02

I would put Triton on my list for being a virtual 8/5 2*. I didn't suggest him though since he tends to be a potential ban-candidate when Piranas are strong.

I kinda miss Sopiket too. 13 Power is a lot, but it seems EFC wise it was too much and Cancel Power Modif in reality wasn't played much in EFC as far as I notice. (Though the number of Cancel Power Modif cards available for EFC could also be a factor).

wednesday 12/02

Lol... Those two are incredibly imbalanced...

friday 07/02

You mentioned that you need EFC decks for each stage, but since you are an older player returning it sounds like you may be thinking of the old EFC system that had an increasingly limited number of cards from each clan being available to you as you climbed the ladder, with only the most recent 10 being available in z palace. This is no longer how EFC works, and it has since been reverted to the old system in which all cards are fair game, except for those from the universal staff ban list and the seasonal player vote ban list.

While I don't have a specific deck to recommend, it is worth it to take the time to get the legendary cards, as they are never banned are generally among the most powerful cards available to a clan's EFC lineup. It is especially worth your time to get the legendary cards from the arcade, as you get the legendary cards relatively quickly and will also gain ~ 1 million clintz worth of prizes along the way. If you are looking specifically for strong decks, you can go to the public presets section under the community tab, and can browse an almost endless amount of very strong decks posted by the best EFC players this game has to offer. From there you can choose one that fits your personal style and available cards. Good luck in EFC smiley

wednesday 05/02

I am pretty sure this post is just looking for attention. You rarely see posts get this much attention, and this one got it because it is highly controversial

wednesday 29/01

Disagree with #5, sometimes semievo fit perfectly on a deck and most of the times the cost of 0xp is the same as full so you don't lose many clintz. Besides 3* and 4* semievos last a lot, you can play a 5* as 4* for more than a season and it won't level up

Just make sure your club doesn't have the "XP during battles" active because your semievos wouldn't last long

tuesday 28/01

Well put Spencer, I understand

friday 24/01

Cool thanks smiley

monday 20/01

Nope, every card has equal chance of being drawn

thursday 16/01

Remove Miyo and Mjollnirah and substitute them and you’re good to go.

Pretty much what GSK13 is right on the mark

You can use the EFC filter. Select the “I” button for detail on the collection page.

I also try to update a n EFC ban thread for reference when I’ve got time.

monday 06/01

Oh and definitely go play arcade it gives you lds too, but not the ones you want on top of credits, clintz and cryptocoins which can be exchanged for collector packs tip: don't use the crypto coins right away they do promotions where the they reduce the pack costs on top of increase rates on cards going Mystic(new rarity tier over collectors) and are no longer available in the collector packs or an increased rate of the most expensive cards lik dj Korrs cr

The arcade also now has premade decks for you to try so you can learn the new cards, abilities and clans to understand match ups better while getting good benefits as what was mentioned before. If I remember right the tutorial also drops credits too which I would be focusing on both arcade and tutorial for now because you came back right before a massive sales promotion and could get some really nice things with the free credits and cryptocoins

tuesday 10/12/2019

Why wouldn't he mean clintz??

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