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Why Lowki still ban in ELO ? smiley

Special Notes:
I rewrote Crook`s ability in that list from the original wording to avoid confusion towards his ability affecting you with Bugamon`s ability wording taken to account.
Crook`s ability from his profile: Night: Vict. Or Def.: -1 Life & Pillz, Min 0

Crook LOWERS your OPPONENT`S Life and Pillz by 1 to a minimum of 0 upon Victory or Defeat.

These are the Day/Night abilities for reference.

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thursday 09/07

thursday 25/06

I feel it could undermine the current modes to make new ones, especially if they're long-running ELO championship type things.

I mean, it would dillute the playerbase for each individual mode, ruining the matchmaking. I already don't like the matchmaking very much, it can take some time to find an opponent, and it's not uncommon at all to fight the same people over and over again at some score brackets, so dividing the playerbase into other long-running competitive modes would probably not be very good.

DT and ELO can coexist because DT is alternating and only takes 1 hour, same thing with SV, you do a good run and you're done, while ELO is a mode where you have to keep your score up throughout the week.

I'm all for new and interesting permanent modes like Leader Wars, weekly Coliseums and Terminus, but I don't think making another ELO style mode is a good idea. An overhaul of the mode could be good though, I liked the other version where decks changed based on what zone you were, even though it did have many drawbacks.

wednesday 17/06

Hutson got it in the rules summary at the end of his post. I totally remember reading that rule-- no multiple 5*'s-- and had a stroke while building the deck. There's two 5's in it.

Turns out I am, in fact, an idiot.

Thank you for the help, guys! Cheers~

wednesday 10/06

I don't need to change your mind. You are free to either open it or keep thinking inside the box. Your choice.

All I'm expressing is my opinion that the bans are unbalanced.

sunday 07/06

Of course it's situational but these situations can be divided into broad categories with ways to USUALLY best deal with each. You needn't consider EVERY possible game pill for pill

1. If you're in a terrible matchup, you've nothing to lose from making a risky play in pill terms to confuse the opponent & if it works snatch victory. If you're not, don't risk it
2. If your deck is designed to win battles by hitting heavily in 2 rounds, or reducing damage done to you, pill in such a way that makes that goal more likely
3. If instead your deck is designed to win battles by preventing the opponent win more than 1 round, pill in such a way that makes that goal more likely
4. If your opponent's drawn hand looks designed with a specific game plan in mind, sometimes pilling to foil their pilling game plan is more important than following your own

Dealing with these 4 situations is the 2nd biggest divider between the highest and lowest ranked players
The 1st divider is the ability to build a deck flexible enough to achieve both goals in situations 2 and 3 that also isn't hard countered by much of the meta. Sadly with so many clans and viable cards nowadays it's difficult to work out what such a deck is, and the meta often fluctuates rendering yesterdays dominating deck destroyed by everything

saturday 06/06

thursday 04/06

The cash prize tournament uses the same deck rules as EFC. The extra rules dont effect deckbuilding it covers the terms and conditions for a cash prize tournament and has a couple of extra rules covering timeouts and that you dont lose points for inactivity.

friday 29/05

Building on Lcne Evo's great point about 50/50s, you may as well consider a 50/50 where you have to win both those 2 rounds to win as a failure of the deck, even if the battle is won. So a good potential strategy is to build a deck which
1. Allows you to avoid 50/50s
2. Allows you to play in the 1st 2 rounds such that, any 50/50s that do occur require the opponent to win both 2 rounds, not you. This means doing heavy damage in the 1st 2 rounds, taking care to have a decent amount of pillz remaining, at least 3/4. It helps if your 2* cards do at least 3, preferably 4/5 damage, and 4* cards 6, with 5 as an absolute minimum

friday 22/05

As for the cards you picked. You did pick the strongest cards from the clans without considering their synergy that much. Too much blocker cards and the only cards that are a win conditons for you are only nareus and oraya. And they both syck vs SoA clans since they do not shine since they are sttched out of "context". Playing pussy cats with big life gap cards is too old and very outdated. The pussy clan is in a crisis if you ask me. You are basicly playing the old diana pussy composition but instead of diana you got oraya. and instead of charlie you got nareus. You will have much better sucksess if you stack nareus with some more soa cards. like lin bee cr and have a proper round one opener like lianah ld instead of weak bluffs like ashikaze and mango. keile is amazing 2 star wall and just put in some more threaths that do gap a lot this is about the ulu watu consistency on the other hand cards like dave and george are very nice with pussycats. Dave is my favorite 2 star card from ulu waty i would play hiim over mango any time. And you also have access to shatsy, nabrissa and slayer in the pussy department that are not bad. Slayer is times much better than nareus for you since he is conditonal and your only card that does good damage. While with slayer that cards will be uncondtional and you will have much better option to interract with your oponent. both nareus and oraya being condtional and the tons of low cost filler blocker cards is making your deck preditctable.

thursday 21/05

The forfeits happen in Tourney play and survival to me just as much. Almost anytime they know they will lose its automatically abandon. I think they should give mission progress at a minimum as though the player stayed since they are so opposed to having less forfeits. I am trying to complete 3 or 4 missions with KO requirements but have got like 1 or 2 instead of at least 20 over the past week. The missions are hard enough to complete while attempting to win the game still but adding forfeits make in near impossible (well not impossible but makes it takes 6 months of play rather than what could be done in a week)

wednesday 20/05

Yea, im looking for something similar too, I got knocked out and lost a match when it said I had 63 attack to their 12 atk and really confused as to how. Idk if the game had an error, they hacking or I just misread an ability or something and would look to see how I lost

Yeah i did this with a freaks deck and a pussy deck its all luck of the draw your games are based on a coin toss. One soa or sob and you'll lose but if theres non of that its an easy gg all in + fury on Oren 3* or Twyh there 14 15 life gaps and having to penetrate through the likes of 3* Wolfgang Soushee and a splashed 2* Deebler becomes a tough task. Its fun for a bit but its not viable long term strategy

sunday 17/05

Nice analysis. I look forward to using my new-found knowledge of the strats you said against Paradox playerssmiley

saturday 16/05

Leonaparte 2* isn't too bad. The potential 7/5 is something. This way you could have a full 8 efc. By chosing every card but one of the 5*.

friday 15/05

Lol, at Legend! smiley

Good info, though, Quexalblaze. I use waaay too many situational cards and that's probably why I lose so much. Trying too do missions, though...smiley

sunday 10/05

Thanks for the advice guys, this helped me a lot with getting started.

thursday 07/05

To respond to Mintio43: As an example: The freak ld turn 1. Then a mix of damage reducers or cards with defeat regen or life and it's a easy gg if they keep pill gap high enough or have cards that manipulate attk or power forcing you to pill and not have enough to fury your way through.

To respond to Lupo: Yes, considering most clans are built to win it in 2 it can be very frustrating. Also the time being the way it is makes making mistakes less likely, and gives you time to calculate, with equalizer and other manips at play that is a good thing. However with no pressure some matchups are easy to manipulate because you can think for quite a while. Less time to respond on the front end with increases during the later rounds or vice versa might be interesting. Thinking quick on your feet is a skill as well, but manip clans might become inherently too good because of that.

To respond to who: Dominion are easily broken due to that fact. With respect to the time discussed in lupos response, your opponent had plenty of time to determine what your win condition is and can respond accordingly to your major plays if you play them early. Or crush them on the back end by anticipating bluffs from less threats. Super OP (my opinion) unless you have SOB or power negation you have to play a certain way within the matchup and can be edged out easily. Which brings the conversation full circle to certain abilities not passed around enough in the respective clans at multiple star tiers.

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