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Also on the improvement's front, tell me if I'm wrong...
but why does'nt DM have the fight now button which is there in the result pages of tourney and standard modes...?
I have come after 2 years of not playin so Im not really sure if a reason was cited for that or not smiley

This will be updated next month.


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thursday 16/04/2015

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AR's work was for nothing...

thursday 01/01/2015

The first three points in my previous post are interrelated and to clarify them::

When each DM room ended, there would be a little box informing of the final player positions and payouts. In order to see this little box, I had to wait for the end of the room which would sometimes mean waiting for other people to finish playing. If another player's game commenced just before the end of the "normal time" then it might be a 4 minute wait. Which is a huge proportion considering the rooms had 15minutes of "normal" time. If I left the DM room then I wouldnt see the little payout window.

On top of that, there were times when I stayed in the room (especially because I won) but didnt get credited. Little box did not appear and the mission counter for DM wins did not increase. I posted in bugs about this once but didn't bother for subsequent occasions.

wednesday 31/12/2014

I love the new mode but also miss DM wish we could have both smiley

tuesday 30/12/2014

3 prefections =3 Dj Korps!!

saturday 27/12/2014

thursday 25/12/2014

Yeah any proof?

friday 28/11/2014


Preset: Frozn in time (elo)

monday 17/11/2014

As do i but.....it's not happening staff will probs replace it with something more meaningful similar to it

sunday 16/11/2014

Lucky i did them all like a yr ago

tuesday 11/11/2014

Lol Spiaghi > Filomena you nub

sunday 09/11/2014

sunday 05/10/2014

saturday 27/09/2014

sunday 31/08/2014


thursday 12/06/2014

Either spiaghi zatman nellie or spiaghi zatman mona
maybe spiaghi zatman ottavia

wednesday 11/06/2014

Y u no eloxia tho

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