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Power is Power - SV 36 wins

36 wins like it says..
I don't know if sentinel komboka is meta or not. I don't play SV a lot. But from what I know it used to be Hive , DEath adder, gheist etc.. generally.

tuesday 17/03

I wouldn't advise building mono in Survivor as you need 10 strong cards to build the deck with the more versatile abilities and getting that in one clan is difficult right now. Take a look at this one i made if you want, relevant to your topic: https://www.urban-rivals.com/en/presets/?id_preset=2892029
I think Hugo is a better suit with All Stars than Eyrik but you can switch.

monday 24/02

Uranus/graxxmsT Mt splash in every deck, the rest really doesnt matter, there isn't much skill to T3 in my opinion. Every round is a 50/50 rock paper scissors match basically

sunday 19/01

Thank you so much man, you are a top guy smiley I don't remember Survivor was like this in the past but well I've been aways for ages...

saturday 18/01

I love the Damage Reducer you have because that's exactly my style of play... still very expensive tho... so I will have to find something else more affordable but I'll save it in my bookmarks smiley

wednesday 15/01

More than skill* sorry, terrible typo brainfart

tuesday 19/11/2019

1. I believe the reason for the 13 HP (I prefer to call it LP (Life Points) was because of Huracan.) On one hand, while you want to balance cards, if it gets as high is 15LP, cards such as Noctezuma Cr, El Exotico, Quetzal Cr and El Divino will be deadly here. Perhaps Judge Lynch could benefit unfairly?

Personally speaking, as Survivor is not meant to be like EFC which is a KO difficult room, it seems a focus strategy is placed on 2HKO. On the other hand, it's more like a "high stakes free-for-all room". Any card is allowed and virtually any winning strategy can be explored.

It falls under these categories in my opinion:
-Power Modif ( +/- Attack or Ambre )
- All Stars and John Doom Reprisal: -4 Opp. Power, Min 1 was very deadly in EFC when it was allowed.
-Life Modif ( -Damage/ Vholt)
-Reprisal with Ashigaru
-2HKO (John Doom when you're at Reprisal)
-Mono Roots/GHEIST and Ambre
-Damage Reducers and Damage Exchangers (+/- Attack to force Pillz spending)
-Pillz modifiers and Attack boosters/redcuers or Bonus stoppers (To give you better Pillz control)

For me, It's understandable that Freaks don't fare well in this room due to the nature of Poison 2, Min 3. I hardly see Freaks unless Vholt, Uranus, GraksmxxT Mt or Pussycats are involved as they are often associated with strategies aimed against 2HKO and are stalling in nature. Damage Exchange cards are good at being game-stallers, but fare poorly to SOA or Cancel Damage Modif.

I find it sometimes worth settling for this type of win E.g. 5-4.
It's not a KO, but with all 4 rounds, the opponent is under some pressure I guess.

2. I dunno if it's possible with 5 cards. I'd like it and I believe was even brought up by someone from our Guild in a Guild thread.
Not sure about the mechanics, but I'd be a bit curious. I just think Survivor shouldn't be solely luck based. (E.g. 12 cards in a deck) (10 is better to create variance).

While it's true Mr Big Duke ruins damage reducers (In fact, they were very popular and easily won in Survivor before he game), Exchange helped to some extent.

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr tuesday 19/11/2019, 18:05

saturday 12/10/2019

2. Timber

Unlock Level: 10
Base Stats:
7 Power
8 Damage

+ Timber can give that extra +1 Damage to some cards. (Useful for turning cards such as Behemoth, McLain, Michel (With bonus and ability) to potential OHKO cards assuming you are in a format where you start with 12 LP.

- Timber's ability only benefits you if you win a Round. (You can't inflict damage if you lose rounds.

Notes: Impact of Timber vs not having Timber for cards with +X Life/Pillz per damage.

8/1 +3 Life Per Damage (3 Life Points normally), Life Gap = 4
8/1 + 1 (With Timber) + 3 Life Per Damage (+6 Life Points with Timber, but no Fury), Life Gap = 8
8/1 + 2 (With #Fury, but No Timberr) + 3 Life Per Damage (+9 Life Points with Timber, but no Fury), Life Gap = 12
8/1 + 1 + 2 (With #Fury, and Timberr) + 3 Life Per Damage (+12 Life Points with Timber, and Fury), Life Gap = 16

6/4 +1 Pillz Per Damage (+4 Pillz Normally) Net gain: +4 Pillz
6/5 +1 PIllz Per Damage (+5 Pillz with Timber) Net gain: + 5 Pillz
6/6 +1 Pillz Per Damage (+6 -3 Pillz for Fury if used alone) Net gain: + 3 Pillz
6/7 +1 Pillz Per Damage (+7 -3 Pillz for Fury if used with Timber) Net gain: +4 Pillz

While it costs 3 Pillz to activate Fury, with Timber it enables more damage to be done while maintaining Pillz Recovery.

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr saturday 12/10/2019, 17:39

friday 30/08/2019

Hello Lux Lux,

You ranked 10th in Survivor Survivor Type 3 (day) with 10 wins.

Congratulations! You won :
- cryptocoinz : 1400
- Credits : 8

Good luck in next week’s Survivor Tournament!


saturday 17/08/2019

Made this deck for Survivor type 1 event and got 17 wins with it. Feel free to use and rate up smiley Thank you!


tuesday 13/08/2019

Survivor Type 1 is back temporarily.

Not sure about the LP increase at the cost of Pillz is a good or bad thing. Personally I thought the old Survivor was designed to favour Morphun led decks accompanied by Uppers or Sakrohm.

thursday 20/06/2019


The mission is bugged, send a screenshot of your two 3 game win streaks to customer support. They'll verify it and give you the rewards.


The bi-weekly ld mission to get 2 survivor runs of 3 or more wins

friday 07/06/2019

I wouldn't play La Junta in Survivor even if I had General Mt

wednesday 05/06/2019

@ -iNsAaNe-: I agree, focus on your Daily tournament Deck, which will be your money maker. smiley

saturday 01/06/2019

Hi, i was wondering if hive is good in this mode and what a could deck would be? I want to make one as strong as possible.

tuesday 28/05/2019

I tried the Komboka - Leader - All Stars - Went 7 wins, 2 draws (Draws were caused by miss-clicks to the Fight button) smiley
Gotta keep practicing till Friday! smileysmileysmiley

friday 04/01/2019

I saw this argument a lot. the answer?
1. if you surrender / abandon your fight your opponent won't get points from you. this is especially true in DT when points matter. even if you know you already lost, but they need the point from you. if you lost on round 1, and they can win another 1 or 2 rounds with KO and saved 1 pillz at the end. they will gonna get what, 5-10 points?
even if UR has a way to give points if your opponent surrender, do you think no one will abuse it? for example, you know your team mate is aiming for rank 1, you met him, and then press surrender. free points for your friend

2. if you surrender, it won't count towards any mission, win lose rounds, +/- pillz hp, dr etc

I mean I think it is fine if you implement surrender button in EFC since EFC is like chess, process doesn't matter, only your win or lose count and your ELO points. DT is different. even then ppl also do missions in EFC such as win rounds in EFC

wednesday 24/10/2018

Aaa, its surv and 10 cards. smiley

thursday 18/10/2018

Your Deck cannot contain less than 10 OP cards.
The sum of the characters levels in your Deck must be at least too much.
Your Deck cannot contain any ammount of T1 format.

saturday 13/10/2018

IMO the 3 best cards are DJ Korr Cr, Behemoth and Death Adder. In T3 you hardly see full decks, many times you even see Rainbow with Cobb or a splash big 5 card with 2 clans so Brawl cards aren't as good e.g. Maximus and Roderick.

DJ Korr is extremely good, even better than before now IMO because nowadays DJ Korr may actually lose many fights and that -3 damage min 1 is so crucial.

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