wednesday 17/10

Basically the title. thanks!

tuesday 16/10

If you only want clintz you might as well just use the market and post it for 15.8mil use the forum to to tell ppl its up for sale and someone will either buy it or make an offer for a little bit less.

Besides it's a 0 XP Cr I'm selling..

I want to trade my Beltran Cr for Spyke Mt and 50k.
Price is negotiable.

Do you have a valuation for Nemo Mt?

A price for reference can help other players in making offers.

In addition, if there are specific cards you want, it is also advisable to mention them and your market valuations.

Hope this helps you on your trade.

My Lyse Teria cr full + 2.5 M cash for you Dj korr cr

monday 15/10


I sell my little Lot oficial Dookor Oxp, your price is 150k/each. Total 15M.

MP for me. Negociation possible.

I want DJ Korr Cr 0 xp.

For him, I propose :
- 18,5m cash
2 Valhala 0 xp

Pm me smiley

Kiki Cr Full + Behemoth 0xp + DA full for your Guru Cr 0xp

This has been sold now, Can close it

sunday 14/10

I sent you a pm.

Thanks for everyone who pm’d me. Dj is sold. Close please.

I sell 100 Scarlacc 0xp for 290k/cards
(29 millions)


I want to buy 1 Kalindra Cr for 1 million clintz , I been looking for ages.. thanks. Post here if you are keen to sell. smiley

Emeth also sold sorry

Your Lyse Teria CR (~17M) for my Cannibal Jo Cr (~13.5M) and 3.5 M. smiley

friday 12/10

I sold all ghoonbones & behemoth, no more available.

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