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sunday 08/06/2014

I think so, hope with this topic staff will do something.

monday 19/05/2014

toro is amazing if you can budget the damage lack
Dudley ld because there's two 1hkos
morphun is a boss because he's a threat with two 1hkos
ksendra because she is a great 7/7 with good dr to create some mind games
plus 2hko with toro

saturday 17/05/2014

monday 12/05/2014

tuesday 06/05/2014

sunday 04/05/2014

Sorry to spam, but ive finally come up from the semi-noobish guy I was then to the better person I am now smiley

Hriger got dumped for wardom also btw in my preset smiley

thursday 01/05/2014

Boss deck

tuesday 22/04/2014

My bad

tuesday 15/04/2014

Dm on non dt hours

sunday 06/04/2014

Also comment plz

friday 04/04/2014

No sarcasm was detected....i just thought he hasn't seen the presets

wednesday 02/04/2014

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