tuesday 12/12/2017

For T1 Survivor I'd recommend Jungo PC, they make life gaps here's my deck

Hopper Ld(you might not have her)
Sylph CR(expensive but you can replace with Eggman for less consistent results)

sunday 15/10/2017

Ymirah + Lowki + Tormentah + Ruru + Brody + Arno+ Gonzo + Mildred = The best combination

wednesday 13/09/2017

Hmm... why Morphun is recommended over Melody?

It seems to me Melody can gain much more pills than Morphun and over-pilling to get that 2nd hit to get the KO becomes relatively safe bet with Melody, because if you lose that fight then you can be sure the opponent won't have any pills left.

monday 11/09/2017

Sϛ ƃᴉq ǝɥʇ sᴉ ᄅ┴ ɹoʌᴉʌɹnS uᴉ suɐlɔ ǝsoɥʇ ɥʇᴉʍ ʎɐld I ʎɥʍ uosɐǝɹ ʇsǝƃƃᴉq ǝɥʇ ɥƃnoɥ┴

thursday 31/08/2017


more like


saga is way too pc smh

sunday 25/06/2017

As title, I finished Legendary missions, however, I see NO "Wild Holiday LD" in My-Collection-Pro.
Is it a bug or??? Anyone suffers the same issue likes me?

sunday 11/06/2017

I always feel the ruling class in Survivor is always Mono Decks. I see most cards in Survivor suffer without their bonus.

I don`t know, but my opinion in T1 Survivor.

thursday 27/04/2017

Yea i figured that out when the new version of the game battle for this came out you open all tab's before playing.
but for new players this is help full.

friday 03/03/2017

^ but switch out Dallas not Dwan having a few Drs is good.

thursday 02/02/2017

Type 2 is much straightforward, get 2 hits in you are set in most cases. It really does require very expensive deck. type 1 makes you think

friday 27/01/2017

Thak you for your suggestion @ - Q U E E N

monday 02/01/2017

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XD Babs the boss, I'll try to talk to him.

friday 30/12/2016

Hello Guys,
this is my new deck for survivor T1. What do you think about it ?

thursday 29/12/2016

Two 5* is terrible. One low hand and your survivor gets reset.

saturday 17/12/2016

And thx Zachalex you made my day smiley

saturday 03/12/2016

I raptors running rampant in survivor t2 also cause they're every in t1

thursday 24/11/2016

Half Saks and Guiest would work pretty well.

wednesday 23/11/2016

Just use Ambre together with your type 2 deck. make sure you can kill in just 2 rounds. use Ksendra, Koshiro & Gork

monday 14/11/2016


Pre-nerf morphun was just a staple in most t2 decks, I think he is just played on your higher streaks these days because of that 10 maximum.

Hugo and Bridget were next priority if not morphun.

I think some leaders will be adjusted some day that they wil lbe used smiley

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