wednesday 27/09/2017

Congrats to our winner and thanks to the others who joined

friday 22/09/2017

thursday 21/09/2017

Wow all missions in one weekday.


tuesday 19/09/2017


Lots of time & effort was made in the 2,500 posts.

For those who have posted (+200) minimum can contact me via PM and I will award personally a few extra prizes.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

saturday 16/09/2017

hot 2500 messages


you will be missed

thursday 14/09/2017

tuesday 12/09/2017

You need to start ld missions on computer.. Then it works on mobile

tuesday 05/09/2017

That was a good one - just the right amount of difficulty in clue and answer. Thanks Anz

monday 21/08/2017

Here are the winners one more time and the rewards that will be distributed soon.

smiley Part 1 smiley
1st) dXm_Chemist: Greem Cr, Carter, Lorna, Anton
2nd) Oreo-Chomper: Carter, Lorna, Anton
3rd) FBF_Luis: Lorna, Anton
4th) Akutasan: Anton
5th) JUGR: Anton

smiley Part 2 smiley
1st) Artwaltz: Dr Norton Cr
2nd) FBF_Luis: Carter
3rd) Duc-Tiwi: Lorna

Rewards will be sent to their respective players' private sales by tomorrow night.

Thank you all for participating! Be on the lookout for another giveaway!

thursday 17/08/2017

Too bad to hear about your guild, hope you don't quit the game and instead find a great and active guild. smiley

sunday 13/08/2017

No one seems interested. Looks like this was a dud.

friday 11/08/2017

Congrats Artwaltz. You won. PM me to claim your prize

wednesday 09/08/2017

Hehe chaos, your too kind smiley

tuesday 08/08/2017

tuesday 01/08/2017

Since only one person has posted since my previous post (thank you for participating 0 ThainZ), I will be closing this event and I will be reusing these prizes for a later event.

Also, my apologies if this is considered necroposting. I simply just wanted to wrap everything up.

Regardless, thank you to everyone who participated and I hope that next time will be better. I hope to see you there!

friday 28/07/2017

wednesday 26/07/2017

I didnt get globumm ='(

monday 24/07/2017

If you do TOP 3 and you don't want to enter, tell me so the next player in top will enter. smiley

saturday 22/07/2017

Sorry it's so late. Sent the Ojibway out just a minute ago.

Congrats again to the winners!

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