friday 07/09/2018

Hes exactly like Quetzal Cr so many of them before he went cr was collected smiley

I think it is only fair that we must play Survivor T1 if it comes back.

Personally I do not have any issues if T3 Survivor stays or T3 fades.

Transitioning from 8-12 cards is tough for me, but nothing over the top for me.

What I think Survivor needs is something similar to the daily Chest for EFC. This way, players will have an incentive to try to play matches in Survivor in my opinion as this worked in EFC.

thursday 06/09/2018

I still can't get over the "sparkly bj" art on his 4th level. LOLLLLLL

How did I miss the missions? I saw the no love release post but missed this one...

monday 03/09/2018

In my opinion the best thematic weekend was 45* 12 cards, it was balanced in terms of OP cards, you had to think about playing or not Leaders and Hive wasn't that strong. This one if your opp got his Leader and you didn't it was almost game over and losing your streak

7/7 recover 1/3 Pillz
Art: Cosplay female Death Adder
Reduce all stats because she’s not the real thing.

sunday 02/09/2018

Droprate of big5 not 1/5, I never had big5 for all tokenz time and everyday play.

thursday 30/08/2018

@anzboy I have Maximus,but I don't Scarlacc . Since you managed to get them I might take a crack at it and try .

wednesday 29/08/2018

Congratulations Abi! We love you! smileysmileysmiley

monday 27/08/2018

>implying Darling isn’t useable smiley
But yeah, she’s certainly got the looks to win, hopefully her Miss form would make her more powerful smiley

edited by Itzzwan Ld monday 27/08/2018, 16:46

Count me in! smiley

I feel you dude spent 620 cre and best I got was Galactea which i already have smiley

sunday 26/08/2018

Unlike Kiki Cr Sobek slows the pace of battle sorta like how Clover Noel is banned while other 3*s just as strong aren't

These chsnges just take us back to old elo....smiley

saturday 25/08/2018

logo UR 24 messages

Chaos what happen to Friday smiley

wednesday 22/08/2018

Didn't we see Sentenza in his 2* art last year just before GhosTown was released

tuesday 21/08/2018

Thanks nepeta, I'm still I did get to have a little fun at Tourney today ,but the problem is still there I'll wait it out until the staff fixes it

sunday 19/08/2018

I'm wondering about that Tokenz deal that is available at the moment on mobile apps. 2 Armaggedon Packs give 60 Tokenz again.
Was there any news about it? Or a statement why the so called "last Tokenz deal" is obviously not the last?

Well, Harrow Ld was not so free. Not enough to login to get him.

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