monday 16/05/2016

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My own two cents... I do like Shaun over Nanook. I realize Nanook has the benefit of being 10 power all the time... but with all the 10 power you can have in Ulu Watu, there's never any pressure to play Shaun in a different round.

I'm like you... I definitely use Noland. And I think attack manipulation on Ulu Watu is gonna work good with Eyrik so I'd definitely make sure to get Mango in there. Dave and Numar will help Mango. Chel. Whatever else you use, you're looking at a pretty dangerous deck. The trick is whatever kinda DR you can fit in there, and what you do with Eyrik when you gotta play him.

thursday 12/05/2016

Well, he's not even voteable this week so that's good I guess. Wonder if staff took him off on purpose...

wednesday 11/05/2016

I would trade Lennard for Krash. Although, yes, Lennard is a rare card,but Krash gets the job done better. You're obviously playing Lennard for his ability, but why use a kill shot when you have a similar ability that's more reliable? However, I see why you'll play Lennard over Krash. After all, it's 1 more life you're gaining and your bonus does help with the Kill Shot. But here's the thing: Rescue struggles agaisnt SOB, and attack manipulation clans. Not to mention the specific cards in these clans! (Nellie, Herman, Hefty, Virginia, Oxo, etc.), so chances are you're not getting that Kill Shot through.

Another thing is I know Slyde has nice DR, but I would change it to Anita or Tina. Pam is some what viable I guess, but I like Tina much better.

tuesday 10/05/2016

I don't think wee lee is OP, i do think Chel is slightly op, however. so they decided to ban wee lee so we can still use chel (which is cool, imo)

tuesday 03/05/2016

UR staff can't increase the Life points in the mode without making Huracan too powerful.. unless they add a reasonable max. to their bonus..

Ummm, Ongh, dianzi/moegruera, cindy, rodney, scopica, salsa, pegh, and mindy/james

monday 02/05/2016

Soa clans work though Power manipulate clans get get over their generally solid 7-8 powered cards.
Generally solid powered cans can go toe to toe with Raptors.

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If you like Vortex, here's a Vortex Uppers combo I just made.


sunday 01/05/2016

That looks a lot better Korporal. Good luck.

Mono sak is a little pointless. Just run mono sent or even rescue, you get more bang for your buck.

monday 25/04/2016

I know there is alot of "defend UR despite all the mistakes they have made" these past couple years, hell I caught the virus too.

But the truth is a free market system would prevent excatly what you say Yoshi, so that would literally only happen once (assuming they do not lock the market). Which is funny, since UR has actually done alot of things recently to inflate the market (daily login bonus of clintz (lol if UR wants to decrease prices, they should give us free credits so there are more cards, not clintz, which will make old time players suffer more ONLY if they do not manipulate the market already). .

Either way, the only reason this change has not been implemented yet is due to the staff not wanting to spend money for the necessary infrastructure changes (I dont think anyone on the UR staff knows how to code, ironically). They have misappropriated their budget on the failure of a "new and improved" website. In all honesty, UR needs a new lead project manager. (contact me if you are looking for one).

That's only if they don't have SOB or some sort of attack manip of their own.
I can expect to see lots of Huracan and Junkz but the damage is what matters more ultimately.

I see your point but Gatuchica is more for a Mono type where her bonus is assured otherwise I'm just pill 4 pilling.

thursday 21/04/2016

Thanks for the help!

tuesday 05/04/2016

Well then. That's kind of obnoxious tbh.

friday 01/04/2016

Jungo overall.
The 2* line-up is mind bogglingly good and Jean/Pegh are always solid.
The 3* can deal with anything too; even having a giant nuke.

Against SOB? Not really a problem, they can win the rounds.
Against SOA? 8 and 7 power is common, even 9's . . + the bonus means winning = Solid.

In the 4* Dianzi is amazing; Moegura is amazing, and the under-rated Hopper Ld The bowling ball holding 4* is decent too.
5* has Byron / Naheema both of whom are awesome too.

I just can't look at this clan in any week and go; it's unplayable. xD

thursday 31/03/2016

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I tried out Westwood over Rick and it seems to be ok, saved my skin once! My budget is COMPLETELY dead, so I'll wait a bit to try Carmen out. Harvey - Jakson over Pavel may be an option, so I'll look into it!

wednesday 30/03/2016

Jean, Pegh, Rodney, Radek, Houtay, Benicio, Bridge, Dianzi is what I'd go for personally.
Or Nyema and Beuaregard.
That said, mono Jungo seems kinda weak, I mean SoA pretty much destroys it and cards like Boohma and Nahema aren't going to cut it.

tuesday 29/03/2016

Brianna is great against Uppers since the usual Uppers deck consist of Rubie or wendel which are only 5/6 power which Brianna's 8 power you can easily counter them with 1pill more plus she is a PSUDO +8attack with her ability so.. xD

I'm also a Non payer player you just have to really grind some gears to get the necessary clintz or be a market tycoon with gambit investment.. u_u

monday 28/03/2016

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Looks good, though would recommend Jiro or Trixie to Romana. The key with a deck like that will be winning alot of rounds. You'll find that you have alot of low damage hands, so you will have to pill pretty accurately and win 3 rounds in alot of games. Tremorh and Flanagan are really important in that aspect

wednesday 23/03/2016

The only one that makes sense on the list here is maaaybe trading Bogdan for Antoinette

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