monday 20/04/2015


Androids or Apples, take your pick.

"Now I'm intrigued. An average calculator can't add, subtract, multiply and divide? Who manufactures calculators without such functions?"
Texas Instruments. It's called the Little Professor and it can't do any math at all and instead makes you count everything in your head.

Ive always wondered what the soleil and ur deal was... so they were limited time available -- 6 months i believe.
then in theory UR would no longer use Soleil products. however the use of Soleil Crs as prizes seems to contradict this. I wonder if UR ends up paying Soleil for additional use of their products

Sadly even though we want too, we all know deep inside it will never happen

sunday 19/04/2015

Hi, Can we please move this discussion here:

Hi, Can we please move this discussion here:

Hi, Can we please move this discussion here:

Hi, Can we please move this discussion here:

Hi, Can we please move this discussion here:

Thanks for commenting everyone! I wll now close this subject and open another one!

For DT do use Montana...for elo you can use split decks of nightmare and any other clan...I perspnally used all stars nightmare

Im torn between Montana and Nightmare

Bridget is you choice, bro it's more effective than vholt.
if anyone else tells you different, they're not very experienced with the pussycats or the jungo!

Once again,This is just a speculation. There's really no changing intended, i just want to know if you guys would like that idea.

saturday 18/04/2015

Since you're running cats and ulu already, it's probably a smaller leap to life-manipulating Nightmare deck.

I want to have a clan with SOB as a bonus. I think they're quite helpful in the game comparing to attack manipulation clans.
Though I'm not sure which one is worth more to invest. Both Nightmare and Piranas are good with great cards. For the record, I only spend Clintz in this game, I'm currently trying to save up the credits to buy great packs from the Shop.
What do you think would suit me? I'm the type of player that plays with damage reducers and power manipulation (Pussycats and Ulu Watu are main clans atm), to keep the game prolonged.

friday 17/04/2015

Larry rb is a good idea.

Make them purchasable with Credits?
Like 40+ creds?

Survivor T1 is a no-brainer for me... The ELO idea is interesting, would need to be thoroughly worked through to get the points right however...

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