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monday 30/11/2015

First , A big applause to ByThorsHammer for creating this thread
Moreover : Any questions regarding DT cheap decks , Strategies my PM is open and i will reply if i am online and also i can give any help regarding DT (i am not a millionaire so dont ask expensive Cr's) , Also u can pm regarding any queries on clan strategies or something else smiley ...
( i guess this is appropriate ) smiley smiley

thursday 26/11/2015

I really like the comic idea (maybe the player could be a guardian angel for Clint City and we could learn the history of the place). Since its only the first level, I can understand the AI going easy on us first.

tuesday 24/11/2015


Have a nice day.

monday 23/11/2015

Saga told people that the arcade mode comes this week smiley

sunday 22/11/2015

Well said

saturday 21/11/2015

Yes, exchanging cards/clintz for real life money or other game stuff isn't allowed. Even though it's another game made by the same company.

friday 20/11/2015

Well this idea is more of a long term yield I think they call it were the money you put in grows to a amount then you can withdraw it.

thursday 19/11/2015

I purchased 40 credits yesterday through UR mobile app Android version. I still have not received any. I already contact the support group. They asked a screenshot of my receipt. I sent to them the screenshot and no action or reply yet. I'm a little bit worried because it's been more than a day and no credits added to my account. What should I do? Someone please help me. Thank you.

tuesday 17/11/2015

Guys, please be respectful and keep this topic free of politics.

I dont know what to reply... anyways thanks for the time ghelas smileysmiley

Nothing. I just assumed you know better about the decay rule and acknowledging your wisdom. smiley

sunday 15/11/2015


These are ad printings at URDB, since may or june 2007. Not the best stat to reflect how well UR does, as more factors affect my site:
- initial growth in popularity (2007-smiley
- dec 2009 site went down for some days
- other fansites
- ur showing all card info

Due to these facts you have to take the stats of a fansite with a pinch of salt. But mayor events like the 2010 drop are common in both data sets.

I have some proper website stats, far better than ad prints, but due to changes in hosts and tools that info doesn't go that far in time.

thursday 12/11/2015

Yea the collection most of that they could of put in preferences an let us set it that way so every time you log in an go there its all ways set up the way you like it. same for market

Totally depends on your and your opponents hand and who has to start.

Just push through a hundred matches with only minor changes in the deck and you will get the feeling for it!

It's really nice to see this with a lot of the older cards like Berserkgirl and Trinmkkt

Well..total of 729 users..
but the thing is : if the game wud be Latvian i bet many Latvians wud join smiley ..every1 heres using internet..wi-fi all over the places..even at parks smileysmiley

tuesday 10/11/2015

All they need to do is release a couple 8 power cards and it will be fine again...
if anything it's really cause the SOA clans are a bit underpowered as a majority of their cards are 7 power or less facing against clans with cards that now have a bunch of cards that essentially hit 9 power and higher.

monday 09/11/2015

@jerromy Thanks and I hope we face each other again smiley

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