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saturday 10/03/2012

Interesting deck though you are missing a * so i would change Ivana to cherry. I would also change Radek to Gerald as i really like Copy: Bonus Opp.

friday 09/03/2012

Club Nightmare

Any Comments/Suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

thursday 08/03/2012


I use this one for my Piranas needs.

wednesday 07/03/2012

I hadn't actually noticed that lol.

tuesday 06/03/2012

The deck dosn't seem too bad. I would personaly change Heegrn to X-0DUS and Negodz to Neloe.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Dean to wardog.

monday 05/03/2012

Interesting deck. I would personally change B Ball to Graff.

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All stars uppers and montana can beat berzerk pretty consistent.

nellie and herman even wendell (not so much though),

aniki, mona, prince jr, desmond, jimmy spaighi, vito

all stars just gotta be careful with elvis and melanie combo since they match them with high power, but for spyke, robb cr spudd alexei and kang aren't bad solutions.

Spyke is usually banned, and elvis gets occasional ban, so you usually don't have to worry about this OP side coming in, but when it does happen, just make the adjustment.

10) Jungo
An elite dr Pegh + pesky Mindy + soa killer ashiko is what I call Top Ten Worthy. Though, one more usable 2* would not hurt [ maybe with more than 1 damage smiley ].
Not as epic at 2* department as in arkn era, gheist clan is still above average with combination of elke / z3r0 d34d and OP bonus.
smiley Skeelz
Paradoxally, havin' arguably usable cards with attack manipulation, power manipulaion, pill manipulation, soa, poison at 2* department, skeelz clan still lacks of a two star card to pair with redra in those half deck.
7) Piranas
Similary as redra, hawkins is in need of a wingman in half decks since tula and puff are strickly mono options in my book.
6) Junkz
With Flanagan, veenyle cr and dreen Junkz clan has 3 good 2 star options
Clan that provide its users more than just' usable 2 star cards (spiaghi Prince jr Ace ficcanaso) is absolutely Top Five worthy. However lack of damage is slightly

sunday 04/03/2012

Remember that heal and life gain do not work if you reach 0 life! The moment a player reaches 0 life, the match automatically ends by KO!

I love your Kero smiley
Can I have her?

saturday 03/03/2012

Seems balanced but, again, it has kinda low damage

in a montana deck we usually have 4-5 damage cards (with good power + atk manip) + avola, in your deck you have 4-5 damage cards + greem, which is a little more predictable than avola and needs to strike early in order to be effective.

Nonetheless the deck seems quite playable and, with proper decision making, you can get a decent score, you just have to learn how to use it smiley

This guy must think he's back in 2008 or something

friday 02/03/2012

I would like you to rate this deck....


thursday 01/03/2012

I build this model to prevent those things (Flavio) from happening. (I hope it worked.)
Creating exact numbers isn't the abition, because of strategy, clan, etc.
But to can give a rough overview over the strenght of a card.

Please take a look at this system.

Very bad idea. The reseting to 1000 means that everyone gets a clan slate and equal chance at the start of the week.

The reason people don't play in random is that it takes nearly all of the skill out of the game as you could get more attack then the opponent but still lose.

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