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monday 09/11/2015

Tiny glitch smiley that is false and again, I so speak that you shoudnt blame me for what you did not so long ago.

I rather just keep calm on the forums. But look, please stop giving me a bad name for the mistakes you made tiny glitch.

Hello My Dear Friends smiley I Have Been Playing This Game From 2008 And I Have Left It In 2010 And Come 5 Years Later (Almost 6) Forgotten Everything About My Old Account So I Made This New One And Bought Enough Credits To Get Most Of The Cards As You Can See And I Decided To Try And Get A Very Special Cr Back To Collection Which Is Marlysa Cr After Trying Her In The Last 2 Days She Isn't As Good As I Remember smiley So I Want To Trade Her For An Edd Cr And A Vickie Cr And Some Clintz But The Problem Is I Don't Know Current Market Prices So I Would Be Grateful For Anyone Who Can Help Me In Making A Fair Offer smileysmiley
And Thanks In Advance For Anyone Who Helps ^__smiley__^

sunday 08/11/2015

Go for dt, dt is easier and you can get easy top 25

saturday 07/11/2015

I figure this old format game would not hold a spectator mode cause its told old the update one might tho.
an It can work 98% of all game I play online dose have it.
if they don't show the pillz a player uses an dose not show the names witch would be easy for then you have the game cut those out so less is needed to run it. Pulse chat being turned off as well. an you just see how players play the cards in what order. cause each player is different. would give a feel how how cards are being played an candidate accordingly. with your own game helping you.

I did think of one problem players could just look at the pillz by the hp an see how many are missing an figure out how many a player pilled unless they black that out as well.

tho could ignore all that I said up there if they made spectator mode random like they do for when you pick fights. just leave the names blacked out. so no one knows who's who. would work perfectly cause now they can have a chat on see the pillz an watch the game. since its a random picked one an you don't see there names its great to just watch chat an enjoy.

at least then it be able with no difficulty's at all. I mean they use to let you pick players who wonted to fight in battles but a lot of players used that to cheat so they made battles random. so do it for spectator mode

friday 06/11/2015

Well alright I can close this. What an OP bonus smiley

thursday 05/11/2015

The Rb CR is kind of a farfetched idea. But I like the idea of swapping original and Rb arts for the sake of uniformity. smiley I will not like playing my Old Crs cropped out (missing full art) when the new card design will be implemented. That would be weird.

wednesday 04/11/2015

Finally got my first KO with Candy--wait...he quit smiley

That one dude who is always complaining about Piranhas and Ulrich xD

Btw, thanks for not mentioning me you Jazz-Voiced asshole smiley

tuesday 03/11/2015

The broken boarder on the market just signifies that it cannot be obtained in packs at the moment. In 30 days it will be red. I'm guessing it's a small glitch with the new rb idea as ironjaw and romana did not do that in their 30 day period.

Plus whar does the number after - means after rhos numbers?

monday 02/11/2015

They once tried to 'update' Vickie Cr 's art directly. The backlash was huge, and the art was quickly reverted.

Due to the backlash from the before mentioned event, UR decided to release 'Re-Birth' cards (aka RB). The RB of a card is supposed to be the same as the original and therefore counts as a double (except for bonuses, as Pillman said). It's kind of annoying market-wise (some bad cards are becoming more expensive than I like), but the art is great!
In short, you wasted your money.

Don't close this thread!

Be literally anything but Canadian and our PM will take care of you lol

saturday 31/10/2015

Thing is koshiro isnt a safe investment. In fact, little indicates he'd ever rise in price.

^Agreed, there will be always people who complain.

friday 30/10/2015

Yeah haha...

Lehrg in allstars or frozn

thursday 29/10/2015

Smokey Cr coming back is an interesting thought actually. I don't think you could trade him and parmabarb though, you'd run into an issue where now piranas can field an impressive pill manip lowstar half.

I've thought ulrich should come back for a very long time though.

wednesday 28/10/2015

Beef is a possible cr so you could invest in him

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