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thursday 01/03/2012

Marina, Sigurd, Jessie, Randy, Stacey, Kang, Spudd and Loretta could do well.

Nice deck. I would personally change Aylen to Tomas but this is completely up to you as they are both usable.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Archibald to Wyre and Dean to Wardog.

wednesday 29/02/2012

The first thing you do is change Cortez to Taylor lol, then you add Lola, Spyke, Drummond, Melanie, Kawamashi, Jeffrey, Rudy.

Interesting deck. smiley

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name, like this Overpowered Freaks Deck, then you only copy the "preset=2209491" and change the = to :

Interesting deck. I would personally change Ashley to Jessie (For the higher power), Loma Noju to Marina (For the Dr and higher power), Corrina to Anakrohm (For the cool ability) and Jautya to Petra (For the Stop opp: bonus).

Lorna, Chiara, Redra, Snowflake/Praxie is a good 11* half deck.

Nice deck. smiley

tuesday 28/02/2012

Petra is much more combat worthy than jautya. Top elo players use her over jautya. I personally like to use both.
But why would you need him when you have zhu tang already? (Aside from the obvious "well he forces pillz" smiley)

Considering I use piranas as well smiley
Challenge accepted

This week is insane ive faced so much randomness but a few clans have stood out

Surprisingly not many Freaks...even though Bogdan/Olga are out...i guess theyll come later in the week paired with Roots
Huge contenders....Nightmare/SOA/Montana and Berzerk

let's face it SOA is running rampant stomping out Spyke and Montana's heavy hitters....which means Nightmare and Montana's solid cards are there to stop them....cough*GOD I HATE NIGHTMAREcough*

Anyway its hard to say who to use, pick up half decks and try to combat the above clans as much as possible

Personally using: Berzerk/Skeelz
Deck suffering: Bad draw vs Montana
Destroying: Nightmare and SOA

Just adding once again...i really hate nightmare

Buck> Gaia or Felicia....preference Felicia
Taigo> Nanook

monday 27/02/2012

Thanks for the tip

I decided to go with Soa/Sob line it proved to be extremely reliable, vortex don't really like soa and won't play senti without lehane

Roots / Nightmare
Artus - i already had 2 damage reducers more is just trouble, rico x artus < mawpin x yookie imo

Phyllis - She is nice on her own but bad synergy with the staples of the deck like azel, she gretchen and azel are are what i call initiator cards, having gretchen and azel could lead to problems already , also Azel Gretchen Pan could already play against dr cards, if you play kenny then you can play her but i'd rather keep her out since she is a terrible finisher

Mawpin - Having a single revenge ability is really not hard to trigger

Rico - Obviously against soa he is worse and even against most cards they need the same pillz, with +1-2 attack and rico would be the the king

Kenny - Don't like him that much too many variables, vs high dmg clan he is pretty bad, ability soa kills him , leviathon , any dr card , power manipulation not his favourite either, big poison cards really don't mind it if you play him. Apart from this he is crazy 9/15 gap is devastating at any time fury is almost a must with him and also don't mind insane amount of pillz. Against damage lacking decks 1 round of kenny could win it all.

I would add jeena as an awesome 3* dr card, better then bristone

Well i am really tired now but ill rerun my options later for sure

Interesting deck. I would personally change Zinfrid to Fei and if possible Kuei to Yoshida.

I feel sorry for the person who gets Amiral Py Cr

Interesting deck. I would personally change Dean to wardog (For more stable power) and Trish to Jane Ramba.

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=2207171 try this smiley

sunday 26/02/2012

With the current, enormous, card pool a lot more monoclan decks are viable. I remember when I started this game, and for a very long time, monoclan decks were not possible as we didn't have enough tools for it. The arrival of rescue created one of the first competitive monoclan decks.

Even the creation of the rescue clan shows the overall attitude towards deck building at the time. It was considered that running a monoclan deck was a disadvantage as you didn't have access to everything that you needed... and so cards like marco and alex were made to "compensate" this disadvantage smiley

In time it became quite clear that running monoclan decks, with the right "tools" was an advantage, as you didn't have to consider the luck involved in getting the bonuses.

With 4/4 decks you have a lot of times a 3/1 split of cards which can ruin that game altogether. For example I had twice today edwin without bonus against roots or gheist... when building the deck I considered edwin as a solid card against SOA clans as he is not normally affected by them, but without his bonus he was the weak link that cost me those games.

IMO an ever expanding card pool would have eventually resulted in almost only monoclan decks... as every clan would have eventually gotten everything it needs, damage reduction, SOA, SOB, atk manip etc. in the same time being "safe" against the luck of not getting one of the bonuses.

4 cards at 2 stars is a little too risky IMO, it would be too dependent on the luck of the draw

Personally I'm not a huge fan of charlie anymore, I would much rather use muze and buff the nightmare side
wanda and brittany are my favorite 2 star pussycats but it depends on that week metagame, wanda may be more useful than wanda in weeks with a lot of SOA

if you "free" 2 stars by replacing charlie with muze you can than improve the nightmare side, for example pan or edwin instead of sheitane and karrion instead of glorg, also if you already use pussycats as dmg reduction you may want to consider replacing artus with phyllis or mawpin ( although mawpin I find to be a little less reliable)

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