wednesday 12/01/2011

Please vote so i can get these cards out of my collection!

Lowered to 3K wagers? I;ll join.

tuesday 11/01/2011

monday 10/01/2011


Check it out, its my first event as a lvl 40, suggestions and applications are aprreciated.

deleted a fun 8 man knock out were the number you select corrisponds with the clan you must use

^srry bout tht my lil brother wanted to write it on his accountsmileysmiley

sunday 09/01/2011

Hi all!
Please join my free lotttery,donatins accepted
Lvl 40 Free Lottery

saturday 08/01/2011

Look at the prizes, not only am I giving the huge jackpot to a set of people, but there will be entries to various events given away in which you can win millions, especially the golden ticket to colossal's huge golden ticket lottery!

friday 07/01/2011

Admiral Py Cr now up for grabs!

In celebration of the new guild spirits of orem
one of our awesome admins have made an event for everyone


if you like this event come over to the spirits of erom guild for more events, giveaways, games or lots more

As above we have had another withdrawal can a player plz join before Monday so this event may start

monday 03/01/2011

Like Kripton said, puzzles smiley

sunday 02/01/2011

As a tribute to alavaye I'm hosting a nice RE event for my guildmates in Time Conquers All.
It's in the exact same style and format as Alavayes Gotham (K)nights used to be.

At the moment I have 29 characters while I need 24 for the guildevent. Could you have a look at the event and see which 5 characters you think are the least cool and deserve to get benched for this one?

Also if you like the event please leave a comment in the event itself. If there are enough players interested I might host a public Resident Evil event as well.

You can find the link here: Resident Evil - A tribute to Alavaye

saturday 01/01/2011

Yes, worst pun ever, but nonetheless this should be a highly enjoyable event. You're looking at an unusual deck format with weird restrictions, high quality players, a generous prize payout, and a known and respected event organizer with credibility and integrity. If you'd like to join in the fun, or maybe just check it out and leave a comment, here is the link!

Thank you sincerely for your time in reading this post and checking out my event and I hope to see you in it!

thursday 30/12/2010

Four players currently....

This is an awesome event! join up!

tuesday 28/12/2010

sunday 26/12/2010

You can win credits, clintz and collectors!! smiley
Just enter!

Lottery ---CR--- 1 Winner

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