tuesday 16/06/2015

And I believe they also need to have bought credits to accept the private sales (Not fully sure, feel free to prove me wrong if I am) smiley

monday 15/06/2015

Some time if its broke dont fix it but then the older still had its problumes trust me on thatsmiley

sunday 14/06/2015

Well, it might take a while, but it's possible.
That sentenial deck they mentioned is pretty good, after some practice he could get top 100 or 50, plus there's always Kate

Hi, Please can clan and card suggestions be posted here: http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=2338316&subject_page=0 so we can keep them all in one place smiley

Yeah!!!! Comics, sell comics, more comics

saturday 13/06/2015

I did it with Pokémon too*

@Steel Yeah you're right. I forgot smiley

@ Pillman: Have you ever heard of the term "attention seeker" ? I could use another word for "seeker", but I think everyone knows all too well what that word would be smiley.

friday 12/06/2015

Thank Christ. If there was a vidya-based clan, I would have legitimately quit.

This leader is like russion rulet you hopen th eopponit bites it not you.smiley

@Fredo I was looking up his ability at UR Database that's why I couldn't understand :/

thursday 11/06/2015

I was having this problem with that Saks card, but I tried like 4 packs and got him in the first or second. So giving a shot is not a bad idea.

I was in the basemeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeent! *spins head around*

wednesday 10/06/2015

12 messages

I was so right that Lin Bee is going to be a CR. Got 56 of her

Very good idea jerromy,i wish staff to do this , i will actually save their time in the longer run ,(they won't have to recover stolen cards from hackers)

tuesday 09/06/2015

Honestly not for nothing, but at least the event itself was fun, i hope UR continue to do more of these.

I want to join that event if given the chance

monday 08/06/2015

I believe my post is 2278 on this thread...

Darkblood is surely pro at something and that is: copying & pasting what the Admins say lolz smiley

This is a way to prevent olding, nice!

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