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thursday 24/02/2011


A fun event where you have to use your imagination.

Come join. It's awesome. More people = more prizes

monday 21/02/2011

Oops sorry my friend i deleted the event and i forgot to close this thread.Apologies. smiley

saturday 19/02/2011


My friend asked me to post this smiley



friday 18/02/2011

We need some buyers

Registration for this event closes tomorrow, and the game starts then.

Join while you still can!!!

The third round will complete on monday when i get on, which is around 4pm PST. The fourth round woll start then and be based on Eyrik

wednesday 16/02/2011

Need 10 more people for my event, Province Wars Please join!

Well they all have the sharigan and have been seen in the anime / manga

You also spelt "wrong" wrong smiley

tuesday 15/02/2011

Spaces are starting to fill get in while you can!!smileysmiley

I'm not joining for multiple reasons, mainly because it has done many times before and also because it is too ecxpensive compared to other events.

The guild guild:1212413 is holding an event for a new admin!!! Prizes may very and there is a sure spot in the guild no matter what! Join Contradiction Admin Battle now!!!

You are in a wrong thread my dear........ smiley

monday 14/02/2011

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