sunday 31/05/2015


friday 29/05/2015

Full XP reserve and no cards to use it on? exchange them spare XP for Clintz for every 1000XP = 100 clintz! smiley

would encourage people to play more, level up and join guilds to maximize XP reserve thingy..

So, I was leveling up some of my cards (in Training of course...) and two tracks played that I have never heard before.
Notes: Both seem to only occur when Leader's Tower is in the background
I would describe one as having heavy bells/chimes, the other is hard to describe as a non-music person.
I have only encountered them in the Training-no pillz mode.
Are these new (or are they just not on the mobile version)?

Dolly Cr is obviously a two star.

thursday 28/05/2015

Thanks for info Thoazol, but you hate me anyway smiley

Forgot to see this and thank you for putting me back on track about this:


My goodness! Thanks for the pro-tip... we would never have guessed smiley.

Best choices are uppers, all stars, bangers, and then something random.
Personal choices for me would be the rb clans and hurracan

wednesday 27/05/2015

Good Lord, I come back after taking a break for a month or two, and people are still whining about the same shit.

Nice to know the community is thriving smiley

Either way they make money

I did it and not absolutely sure. but getting all gold is a waste of time

OK. That makes sense. Locking now.

It's against the rules of a TCG to not have new sets of cards. Do you even TCG?

tuesday 26/05/2015

People like reviving old threads, let them be. You usually can't stop them anyways.

sunday 24/05/2015

That does not look bad at all. Will it attract new people? I don't think so, the game isn't marketed enough.

Octana looks cute in the background. (I'm pretty sure it's her.)

Yes I have seem them a lot in ELO and T2 mode, can be very annoying to challenge smiley

saturday 23/05/2015

"The exchange rate is also poor and not well-thought out."

Sounds very negative.

Well trade got done anyway so ima clsoe smiley

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