thursday 16/04/2015

@dreadzone read comment 20..

that answers ur misconceptions somewhat...
At low pills 10/below in SV attack manips dominate! Using ulu/bangers kind of clans in a 10/14 9/15 is almost an instant loss if u face some thing like Morphun/Eklore + attack manip kings like Jackie Cr,Guru Cr,DJ etc...

Thanks for the feedback! smiley

Im not sure of starting again because the cards I have on this account are probs worth 60-70k for all, so im not sure. It took me a long time to get them, but I don't like them anymore, so ill probs sell and buy a new deck, once I can use the market again

wednesday 15/04/2015

Aw thank god, thanks Wasteroftime for the info

tuesday 14/04/2015

Any fansite which gets information, like card prices, value of your account e.c.t use the API but not all fan sites do.

XD keyboard mistake

Ambre's nerf did not work... UR didn't really fix the insane power manipulation problem ! I was playing in A T2 matche where the cards that belong to attack manipulation or power manipulation clans werecextremely powerful combined with Ambre. Ambre is the main bangers an Ulu Watu characters pretty devastating. They can Exceed 11 power! The Ulu Watu and the Bangers should be nerfed. They should be reduced in power to prevent this from being a problem!

So i belive that their bonus should be power +2 max 10. Instead of power +2 to prevent any more power abuse.

Does any one else agree?

Ambre's nerf did not work... UR didn't really fix the insane power main problem ! I was playing in t2 matches where the cards that belong to attack manipulation or power manipulation clans extremely powerful.powerful combined with ambre. Ambre allowers the bangers an ulu watu characters pretty devastaint.they will Exceed 11 power! The ulu watu and the bangers should be nerfed. They should be reduced in power!

So their bonus should be power +2 max 10.

monday 13/04/2015

It's just a small idea without much detail me he idea counts right?
I miss DM due the fact I suck at elo DT is like my only activity

I would like a sort of horse race
A group like DM 10 to 20 people will fight until time stops 20/30minutes
See it as a small DT the first 3 with the highest score will recieve like 1 gold token 2e 1silver 3th 1 bronze
Would be cool to see some others then the few who wins DTS
Also, if you play 2 games in DT you'll get the same reward as one from place 51-100 ( I believe ) so if you ask me time for a change in those tokens anyways, I would like to win 1 as well smiley
As mentioned it's a raw idea hope you find it worthy reading haha

@Daylit -: Aslong as he doesn't play on the other old account theres no need to do anything. The new account was made after he stopped playing his old one.

Okay, so I logged into with my account and the screen just says, "You don't have any Tapjoy apps" And my game email and Tapjoy email are the same. Do you know what the problem could be?

sunday 12/04/2015

I have to see this white and yellow background now. Sounds beautiful!

Today's ranking says enough about this event doesn't it xD
The wealthy players had a great weekend smiley
I auppose there the majority to please smiley

friday 10/04/2015

We can't rate up on the forums. That's so premium feature even the richest of the French don't have it.

Ye top 10 with bangers and senti is now now tough but can still be top third smiley

wednesday 08/04/2015

Ar first I was going to say "Because it'd hard to implement", but since it's basically already implemented I don't really know smiley

edited by UM_AaaBattery wednesday 08/04/2015, 20:24

They are the devils work for try hards with more dollars than sense.

tuesday 07/04/2015

Bangers, Fang Pi and Uppers have a lot of expensive Uncommons....

Yep. I can still contact him

monday 06/04/2015

Your question was answered by hutson01134 so im closing this now.

The full deck, if you please. I can think of two ways you could have built the deck, and one of them potentially benefits more from Wonder Lana than Magistrado Ld.

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