friday 10/12/2010

Jacpot currently at 2.2K, stopping at 10K

Manfred's team won the kiki cr. smiley

thursday 09/12/2010

Free CR Lotto

I need this preset rated up as high as possible, so I'm resorting to bribery! Rate Green: deleted. I must see a comment from you on the preset before you are accepted.

Rego open till saturday

Ugh I keep forgetting this, but thank you!

Mahdin_DVF has taken his rightful place as the representative of Survivng Survivors: Guild Wars! smiley

wednesday 08/12/2010

The event has started smiley

You can close this topic, thanks moderators smiley

Still alot of spaces open so join up


I released the date, Dec 18th!!


tuesday 07/12/2010

Join and vote green too!

Thx mods

monday 06/12/2010

saturday 04/12/2010

I have been refused from this event, may i have a chance?

Close plz, i'll b deleting the event or playing only with those alrdy in for lack of players

thursday 02/12/2010

4 accepted members.

More prizes added

wednesday 01/12/2010

Sporting vs Lille
Choose a team to the match tonight, for the Europe League (UEFA) smiley

Good Luck smiley

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