friday 20/02/2015

Yoshida. There might be better cards or clans, but idk why she always makes me happy.
Second is Ruru.

wednesday 18/02/2015

Myeltd, she would be instantly banned, straight away, as per the "lower min than Freaks" rule smiley

In all reality though. Dounia Cr at 9/2 with poison 2, min 5/6 would be fairly decent. More deadly, a she is potentially a 9 powered 3* that can deal 8 damage, but with the high min, she makes the rest of the game more predictable. Right now, I agree, I wouldn't take her over Chiara, Plunk, or Praxie.

tuesday 17/02/2015

Miss nova.

Isatis (Support : Power+1) 6000 Clintz
Sammy (Support : Attack+2) 6200 Clintz
Scubb (Support : Pillz+1) 6400 Clintz
Draheera (Support : Power+1) 11,000 Clintz
Troompah (Support : Attack+5) 14,500 Clintz
Avola (Support : Damage+1) 15,900 Clintz
Zoe (Support : Power+1) 16,500 Clintz
Shann (Support : Pillz+1) 28,700 Clintz
Coby (Support : Damage+1) 29,900 Clintz

This price will change as it took me so long to write this.
I hope this is what you wanted!

What's your best amount of Tokenz ever achieve before using it on the Wheel OF ?
How did you get (ELO/Survivor/DT) and how long?

In my opinion, ELO/ Survivor is the best way, but only if you can win among thousands of poeple in a week, while Tourney would get you 12 Bronze Tokens (Maybe 1 Gold & 2 Silver) in a day only if you get in the top 1-150th if not like 4-6 Bronze Tokenz, in a week that would be 84 Bronze 14 Silver 7 Gold.
What do you think?

*I accidently closed my first thread*
*It also contains some spelling errors which may confuse you, Sorry*

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1-150th *IF not like 4-6 Bronze Tokenz.

monday 16/02/2015

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Your girl Naliah. She wouldn't be happy knowing you spelt her name wrong. smiley

sunday 15/02/2015

Though it would only appeal to the Americans: giving Adler two special flash missions for the 4th of July.

saturday 14/02/2015

Just finishing editing the chart. It took longer than expected.
-Combined specific columns into 1
-Removed rating column, added Average column of rarity
-Reduced amount of color coding, now only two notable ones (Blue=Top 4, Red=Bottom 4)

After recaclulating, figured out I do not have to update as often as I thought. Prices seem stagnant except in a few cases:
1) LD Mission/release of mission
2) New characters inflation
3) Elo bans/unbans

The average should stay within range even with the exceptions. Will be updating this every character release though.

friday 13/02/2015

@Deboraharc: Hi, Please post in the bug thread in the staff forum.

Thank you.

Death stop the spam or ill make sure you cant make threads for a while

you cant seriously be thinking "srs topic" when right off the bat you dish out a shot against another player

My milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard.

thursday 12/02/2015

"I would also like to see conditional combos (but they may be too hard to program ) such as Courage: Support: +2 Life"
Well we have a Defeat-Growth stack, so why would others be harder to program?

wednesday 11/02/2015

Elite, and use pussycats(baby q rb)

Well I lost 50 elo against the same opponent because it counted my loss 6 times. And what does UR say? Sorry and thats all. Nothing else no compensation or whatever we get

tuesday 10/02/2015

monday 09/02/2015

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