sunday 26/04/2015

*autocrrect. u should be able to work out what they are tho

I use it for publishing good survivor decks to show what I actually got and how well it worked.

saturday 25/04/2015

If you make Uppers with -8 they will be weak af
If you make Saks with -10 they will be op af (Imagine Grakd with this bonus...)

Rescue can old every round until the last, then nuke. You were clearly not around for the years rescue were running elo. They've only seen real banning the past few years, before that they just ran wreck in elo.

friday 24/04/2015

Rescue has an early advantage in terms of bonus.
Montana has better options in terms of abilities and cards to mess around with.
Really comes down to draws and formats and types of decks being used.

thursday 23/04/2015

Pointing out flaws in the game and how they haven't been addressed even after 6 years. Laughing at how bad Jautya players are, Laughing at Mods for taking their job seriously, Laughing at anybody for whatever I find fnny. Really just a lot of pointing and laughing like The Joker, or Nelson.

UR could try and be crazy and introduce decimals to the game smiley

Imagine all of those 7.5 powered cards! The 1.5 damage 2 stars!

Sorry to hear you are experiencing delays

a moderator has no power to reactivate an old/blocked/banned account

that message you quote is not one from moderators. That would be from UR customer support.

Ma Real
+1 pill and life
Bet Mem - 5* - 8/5 - +1 power and damage
Wou Wama - 2* - 8/1 - growth: - 1 opp damage, min 2
G Light - 3* - 8/2 - protection: attack
Za Sh - 4* - 6/1 - growth: + 1 power and damage

Former super heroes from other cities that are facing some middle age crisis. Their cities are clean from any dangerous and they have now 2 choices: facing retirement or curving their ages and going straight the most dangerous city in the world. Will Clint City handle this old excentric and weird named super heroes?

I just imagine the fight scenes in... Like when we win the match the animations has something like that words from the comics (Bam, Pow, etc...)

The perfect thing would be changing Junkz bonus into Sentinels bonus and vice versa.. Do it with GHEIST, Roots, Piranas, Nightmare, Bangers and Ulu Watu too... Balance!!smiley

You're representing your guild really well. smiley

wednesday 22/04/2015

@pilluminati i meant to say "Not being an a hole."

Any ways im going to close this subject and wait for someone to post something better.

tuesday 21/04/2015

Baba isn't that great because he only does 3 damage and has situational SOA

andsom has low power so it is hard to win fights with. The rest are worse and aren't worth considering

If your talking about tickets which give you access to game modes which cost credits to play then they are released now and then during promotions. Theres currently no permanent way to get them or promotion to get them. (unless the daily reward mystery box gives them but we will need to wait and see about this as its not been said anywhere they do)

Ok, jokes aside. Pussycats is a good elo clan but outside of it, most clans are better since it's 12 life there and most pussycats clans do not have that strong KO cards to compete with otheres.

Thanks Thoazol!

monday 20/04/2015


Androids or Apples, take your pick.

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