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friday 17/07/2015

Uhh, IronJaw released today now. I will close thos subject.

What I ment to say is: What if the Chance to draw Dj Korr Cr is lower than the Chance to win Rass Cr? Like Chance to get Rass Cr is 5 % and Chance to get Dj Korr Cr is 0,5 %, when you spin for a Cr.

Titan I will pretend I didn't hear you say that smiley

thursday 16/07/2015

Like this one: http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/events/?id_event=108241

wednesday 15/07/2015

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All stars bangers junkz uppers raptors are the best clans to go for

After level 50 (125,000 BP) you get no more free leaders.

Some people go for level 100+ (1,000,000+ BP) just cos it it looks nicer, it is 3 digits and it is an achievement but there is no real benefit to getting to level 100.

With each level you need more BP to get to the next

tuesday 14/07/2015


Hi, We have a random chat thread for anything which isn't to do with Urban rivals.


monday 13/07/2015

Also depends on Reserve Price

sunday 12/07/2015

We close threads for a couple of reasons. They might be spam, insulting or a duplicate of something.

If its spam or trolling then we give a warning which can lead to blacklists it done multiple times.

If its a duplicate of a thread then we will just post a link to the original and leave it at that. No need to take action against the player as its usually just a mistake.

If its insulting then the action we take depends on the severity, it can ether be a warning or a blacklist.

Also remember that players can close their own threads so somethings when a threads closed its got nothing to do with a mod smiley

Hi, If support doesn't reply and its been more than a week re-send the message as it might of not sent properly. You can also try pming a mod or an admin. ghelas is a good person to try though most admins who have private messages open will reply to you when they can.

saturday 11/07/2015


friday 10/07/2015

smiley o sorry i posted it in the wrong place. could you play along? an this game has massive soa hate if they wonted to they bann the hole clan from elo if every one wonted to.

wednesday 08/07/2015

Some avatar creators are listed here http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&id_subject=2347003 and in the prizes section of Avatars United. You can PM these players for one. You can not create a thread on the public forums for an avatar so I have to close this.

edited by Infiniti wednesday 08/07/2015, 20:13

You used to be able to play Tourney in ELO mode. Ah, those were the days...killing two birds with one stone. smiley

monday 06/07/2015

Yeah, for some reason, "winning fights" missions don't work in training but all the other ones do (poison, -/+ life, win rounds, etc.)

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Plus UR wishes to keep those cards as they are 'to preserve its history'.. That is why the original art of cards that have gone Rb has been kept

sunday 05/07/2015

saturday 04/07/2015

Yes, please, that would be hilarious.

Bacaxi Cat Sorry if I impolite.smiley

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