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tuesday 18/01/2011

Generous lotto, thanks Viggz. Good luck all

monday 17/01/2011

@k1ng_pwn4ge how is 20 codes a week lame? they're giving you a chance to get a LD months before the missions are released. i think the odds are pretty fair for the prize that they're giving out.

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Profile viewed 10000 times it a free lotto feel free to join smiley

sunday 16/01/2011

This will be a battling event. But some strategy will come into play.

Manga for use: You may use any character of any manga to compete. You MUST inform me of your character choice in the FRENCH SECTION. I will read up on him or her and create your character for the event.

Ok, now for some actual rules.

After someone picks a character, hopefully within 24 hours, i will get back and assign them a specific card and ability. On your card, you must make a half or mono deck with the card and my specific restrictions on your character. You must post your deck in the Spanish section.

Each character will have an ability known to people and a secret ability much more powerful. Some people will have passive abilities and some will have ones where they must do something (like an amount of wins in a row) or PM me.

Specific Deck Rules:
After you are assigned a card. I will tell you how many stars you have to work with. In timewar's case, since Oshitsune is good, he has 26* to work with, while Horo's card is William and not that good, he has 27* to work with.
Look in the deck format for more details

Specific Ability Rules
Each character has a secret ability (very powerful) and a regular ability (either weak, or powerful but has a recoil). Some are passive which means they are active once they meet their requirement or from the beginning.

Round 1 Rules
If you played a match during this time, you move on, this is just to eliminate inactive players and determine if some decks are too strong.

saturday 15/01/2011


Free Event, giving away 5 C Wings

friday 14/01/2011

We need a few more people smiley


The title is 20 and under, but I'm making it 25 and under. Rank has to be Novice, Senior, or Master only!

Prizes include:


possibly more in the future

thursday 13/01/2011

Bump. Only four spots still available! Join up before it's too late!

wednesday 12/01/2011

Please vote so i can get these cards out of my collection!

Lowered to 3K wagers? I;ll join.

tuesday 11/01/2011

monday 10/01/2011


Check it out, its my first event as a lvl 40, suggestions and applications are aprreciated.

deleted a fun 8 man knock out were the number you select corrisponds with the clan you must use

^srry bout tht my lil brother wanted to write it on his accountsmileysmiley

sunday 09/01/2011

Hi all!
Please join my free lotttery,donatins accepted
Lvl 40 Free Lottery

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