friday 06/03/2015

Kagura could be considered as 11 damage card lol smiley

tuesday 03/03/2015

Commissioned fanfiction. Brilliant.

Please tell me you're going to sell digital, translated comics through a variety of distributors. I swear if you guys pull the French-only publishing trick again I will suplex the office.

friday 27/02/2015

Put it this way, since women have told me this
most likely, you judge a human's gender, if they are an older ager like 20s
by the hips and by the chest/hair style.
skyler so far seems like a guy, but once again, no confirmation. i feel askai was more confusing than it was for skyler

monday 23/02/2015

You're right. The advantages of split far outweighs mono, bar 1 or 2 clans, and even then. I think its all about how your deck is built. Thank you daxose smiley

sunday 22/02/2015

Just olded against that troll xDLol guy, who wants to "eliminate 50/50's".

Won every round, KO'ing him on the 3rd. No 50/50 there smiley

What brought you to UR? (Q)

Any way to toggle this off, when you finish a game? Occasionally, I've come out of a game during DT and might have accidentally completed 2-3 missions. I'd rather skip the animation.

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Yep, coming soon...

Yep someone bought it on French forum. Its weird that UR contains this kind of cards but alright.

To clarify a little bit, it looks like Gectou4's reply was a personal message rather than an official announcement, and only pertaining to the *current* status of Dounia Cr on the Wheel. As far as I'm currently aware, it's still possible to win her through other means.

I would discourage anyone from speculating on the availability of any card based on an anything that's not an official announcement, as it tends to lead to a lot of confusion, misunderstanding, and particularly severe cases of market manipulation.

Locking this topic for now.

If the newer rares/uncommons/commons take the place of the older valued rare/uncommon/common cards and it self repeats,im satisfied.

Then again everything becomes expensive over time,so the market is just being the market.

saturday 21/02/2015

Alternatively, being the oppressor!
I miss Deathmatch smiley

Rb's and Cr's act in very similar ways, except Cr's were widely available at one point. By making an Rb a Cr, you don't really drastically affect the supply much, seeing as there isn't much to begin with. Nanook and Syd Noze will stay virtually the same I predict, where as cards that were once in packs like Baby Q Rb may be slightly affected.

I think UR has higher priority targets for becoming Cr than Rb's, at least for the next 5 years.

friday 20/02/2015

I play in the DT room mainly to just play the T1 gametype. I haven't played a full DT in probably over a year. Last time I played I nabbed top 5 with over 400 points. Otherwise, I typically just play a match or two (don't have the time to do the entire hour).

I'll typically try and pick random decks that I don't think anyone will use and see how it goes.

I threw together that Roots/Freaks deck once just to try it out. Not sure how it worked out in retrospect, but it's hard to play against the mono junkz and mono sentinels of the world and come out on top when you're putting together random half decks.

The most recent deck that got me a few ELO wins this week so far is:

Akendram, Baldonvino, Bikini Joe LD, Shazam
Eebiza, Flanagan, Romana, Tremorh

That Bikini Joe LD bump helps much more than it appears. It's easy to see what the Freaks are missing this whole time and that's a natural 8 powered (or 9 powered) low star card to help them get that bonus. No need for the higher cards with 8 power as the damage negates the use of poison.

As for the next DT I'll use whichever two clans come to mind and make a deck out of it. Play one match or two and then break the deck up just to make a new one.

Same here, don't really want to remove then incase its someone I used to talk a lot before smiley

I'd rather see them rework cards that are no longer prevalent to the game (that are not CR) - Mac Hen, Bob Joby, etc. Buffing CRs would have a huge impact on the market.

Yoshida. There might be better cards or clans, but idk why she always makes me happy.
Second is Ruru.

wednesday 18/02/2015

Myeltd, she would be instantly banned, straight away, as per the "lower min than Freaks" rule smiley

In all reality though. Dounia Cr at 9/2 with poison 2, min 5/6 would be fairly decent. More deadly, a she is potentially a 9 powered 3* that can deal 8 damage, but with the high min, she makes the rest of the game more predictable. Right now, I agree, I wouldn't take her over Chiara, Plunk, or Praxie.

tuesday 17/02/2015

Miss nova.

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