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wednesday 01/07/2015

Try the presets page under the community tab whole bunch of deck for you to look at in a variety of formats. The search function could be a little better and some of the decks are out dated but it's a good starting place

The first thing I thought when I saw this clan was "Hey look! Another clan that I can demolish with my Roots!".

They're seriously vulnerable to Soa albeit that 8/6 card.

tuesday 30/06/2015

*the move I came up with too late

monday 29/06/2015

Why would you want a tutorial about pfulls when you can't sell them as pfulls.

If you want to get cards a certain levels for collection reasons, I personally want a card at every level, the n you can use your xp reserve to level them up to the level you want.

I think you have an addiction with someone...smiley

saturday 27/06/2015

Mission completed. Van Wesel Ld in my pocket xD
Thanks for all comments and quick suggestions guys. Closing this now.

Problem is no more, closing this subject.

I called the clan bonus !!


Page 6 , first comment. jeez

Raptors will allow devs to better check the power of +/- bonus clans.

There's a ceiling to how good devs can make SOB clans. But Raptors can get a big push like Skeelz.

Also their bonus works against Skeelz, and 5* with big attack abilities.

Attack manipulation is arguably the most common ability, so their bonus will always be useful especially in halves.

tuesday 23/06/2015

Huracan seems way op some times as well. but only like 3 cards in that clan right now why dose that clan need any card with 8 power with a bounes an abilitys that they have

monday 22/06/2015

When someone places a bid it doesn't increase the cards bid to the maximum amount posted. The bid posted goes a little higher then ether the starting price, the reserve set by the seller, or the last highest bid.

Then when the next bid is imputed it checks the last highest bid. If the new bid is higher it goes a little above it and your the new highest bidder. If its not high enough then the last bid increases to a bit above your bid and stays the highest bidder. It keeps doing this untill you bid an amount higher then the last highest bid.

No reply so im going to lock this.

@-Crew : If its not about selling avatars please pm me.

*should have

sunday 21/06/2015

I have cleared your cache which should update your clintz total so you can tell if you have the money.

Wow, you could make a family tree out of the Montana clan. smiley

saturday 20/06/2015

Well not with my missions AAA anyways I hate it >.>

Actually, playing Kate in Duel gives you nearly 40 BP per match if you do it right, so that's a good way to lvl up..

friday 19/06/2015

Oops! Wrong thread. smiley

OK, that makes more sense. Thanks.

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