wednesday 04/01/2017

We're so close please join!

tuesday 03/01/2017


Here is my new Event deleted

Have fun


monday 02/01/2017

Jk I was drawing deadpool so the reference just came to my head. But yeah, nice event and I would definitely participate in it if I had a computer. I would probably animate something

thursday 29/12/2016

Mmmm now that u guys said it it is sounding legit wrong this event. Ok i will make the level any level . Now will i get anybody playing? Or is this just a disaster because the event will get over loaded with legends and lvl100 dudes? Also thank tou guys so much for the feedback i really appreciate itsmiley

Ive been looking for an epic event to join and the events list doesn't look very convincing. There r just deadwood events there that will never happen and putting your entrance fees there is just as good as throwing it down the drain. Is there any awesomr/well organised events for me to join? Post here or if an admin closes this post Pm me thensmiley

tuesday 27/12/2016

He told me he wants nothing in return. smiley

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monday 26/12/2016

Omg!!! Thanks frog!Awesome xmas event!

saturday 24/12/2016

I really like the comedy film gnarnia
it isnt really a christmas film but I always watch it around christmas so i think it counts smiley

wednesday 21/12/2016

EVENT CLOSED. Prizes soon! (Courtesy of Itzzwan Ld and the lottery fund!).

tuesday 20/12/2016

Th3 Survivor

Only 48 spots smiley)

has a knockout structure..

I will change format EVERY ROUND.

Closing this...

it will be reopned with bigger prizes post Christmas after vacationssmiley

tuesday 13/12/2016

✫ IT´S YOUR ELO (2) ! ✫

You wanna play a different Kind of Elo? You wanna decide on your own wich cards are bannend? You wanna mess with the best?
Then its your Event! smiley

monday 12/12/2016

(Thx Infiniti for the list)

InterMilan FC
1 common

3 rare

3 rare

1 rare
1 common

3 rare

3 rare
1 uncommon
2 common

5 rare
1 uncommon
2 common
1 cr

3 rare

3 rare
1 uncommon
2 common

1 rare

1 sigma cr
2 common

Hurricane X PIT - Dawn Of Day

xGer 200k clintz

0-Firmino 150k clintz

(meW) 100k clintz

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thursday 08/12/2016

Basic awards:
1st. Lamar Cr
2nd. Splata Cr
3rd. Vickie Cr
4th. Jackie Cr

and this is not everything what you can win :]

Only 100 Clintz. One person wins! (Lottery)

Christmas Lottery 2016

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sunday 04/12/2016

4 more days before I start this event!

thursday 01/12/2016

In case you haven't seen this already (which is unlikely smiley) yesterday I announced I was hosting an Advent Calendar event smiley
However, in the first day of this even being open we've gotten ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE PARTICIPANTS!!!
Absolutely insane stuff and it's not even too late to join the event yet smiley

Although the top prize of 10k clintz at xmas is no longer available to anyone who joins now, if you join now you've still got the chance of winning a GUARANTEED 5k at xmas. That's not even including the daily prizes smiley

We've also gained a few generous donations from, which I shall list below:
Saga_HoA: Baby Q Rb, Jean, Muze, Daddy Jones
M4TUSA: Julia, Delta, Yaman, Uranus, Graksmxxt Rb, GraksmxxT
Leorika: Victor, Zera

So, if you haven't joined yet, don't miss your opportunity!

wednesday 30/11/2016

Since I don't think too many will be aware of this, I just wanted to let you know that this going to be the last weekly elimination for a tiny while. It will be back around New Years, if not in the early days of next year! But as of now, I just don't have the time to keep running this event weekly and also livestream the drawing of results. I have bigger priorities such as college work (which has a deadline coming up pretty soon) and I just need to get my head down and crack on with things!

However, saying all this, in about 15 minutes, I'm going to be revealing a new event which will hopefully be a temporary replacement for WEL in the meantime so make sure you keep an eye out for when its up. If I don't see you before the new years, I hope you guys have a happy new year and a merry christmas! Thank you for joining me for the past 6 weeks - I will be back sooner than you think smiley

Cheers ~IW

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