saturday 22/07/2017

Ah so it's finished, no?

thursday 20/07/2017

So sad for Basdekker and Sim......smiley

sunday 09/07/2017

Im looking for another Guild to challenge ours in a 5v5 event. It can be for fun or we can come up with some rewards.

friday 07/07/2017

Give me some time to draft out working ones. Thanks for the suggestion though.

thursday 06/07/2017

You are doing it great darkblood. Its a nice replacement for the chats who doesnt work smiley

tuesday 27/06/2017

Hi, so it's still very early but the new event with a Clintz jackpot is really not successful at all.

Therefore, I will be creating another official event, but it will be a mini for June/July.

Happy gaming!

sunday 25/06/2017

The event has been confirmed, it will be starting today at 17:30 UK time and ending on the 24th July.

So get ready!

thursday 22/06/2017

saturday 10/06/2017

Of course, I am searching for a moderator to help with the distribution.

wednesday 07/06/2017

tuesday 06/06/2017

So my aim is to obtain the new cards before creating the event. 4 are planned I heard.

sunday 28/05/2017


I am back from holiday, I will close this event.

All prizes will go back to their original owner.

See you soon!

saturday 27/05/2017

One Before A Decade Everybody join!

Free Event with a lot of prizes!

thursday 18/05/2017

wednesday 10/05/2017

Here are the winners!

Toorg: #5 jimbocyb

Treeman: #8 La Couronne, #3 boku UM

Bishop: #12 Cthulhu_MOB, #1- K U N T A, #6- Dragon11 6

Results were determined by using a size of 13 as there were 13 unique participants before the event's end date. The numbers were assigned based on the order of each player's first post in this forum.

Rewards will be sent out shortly.

Thank you to everyone for participating!

thursday 04/05/2017

Every Year, June is the biggest event in the mini-games count-up. Consisting of Thousands of posts.

Many cards to win, hopefully the biggest hit in Urban Rivals History!

Mushroom Win^

Sending above card!

Well played!

wednesday 03/05/2017

Unfortunetely, the criteria was not met.

Better luck next time.

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