thursday 30/08/2018

It's always 7 credits nowadays. Used to be 10, but it was balanced a bit to accommodate for the mission sets being more frequent.

Cards like Eddie Cr, Lianah Ld, Butcher Braxton, Snowflake, Nekron etc.

wednesday 29/08/2018

He did nothing wrong mate. The problem is players like you that find every small thing to complain about. You make our generation look bad by only proving people right that our generation only knows how to complain when things don't go their way. In life sometimes you don't get things your way. The world doesn't revolve around you. Seriously, just drop that form of thinking. It seriously disgusts me when I have to go through forums and every time i see your post Ares 85% of the time, you're just complaining. Literally, just change your name to God of complaining, you're no Ares at all. I'm not the only one that thinks this. Please just grow up.

tuesday 28/08/2018

It was nice man. Ulu watus character descriptions are very bland tbh.

sunday 26/08/2018

I would be suprised if any clan never gets a mythic at some stage.

It would be cool If the opposite happens to a Ghostown member and their resurrected and join a new clan whilst the old version goes mythic.

saturday 25/08/2018

I prefer when a card’s stats and abilities match their artwork and backstory, though what exactly that means is extremely subjective.
I think cards like Serafina and #Quetzal match their stats/abilties while cards like Hydraereva and Choko don’t.

Sentenza in particular is fine, imo, but his 3* and 4* art is more in synch than his 5*.

friday 24/08/2018

Yep hopefully sents get a big 5* sooner rather than later.

Join a guild that has the xp bonus turned off, it's the best way to preserve the xp.

thursday 23/08/2018

Não sei não mas se ele fala FR eu falo PT fds

On it Naarcho.

In this thread, I will open comments and ask if there are any threads you and other players want me to pin.

wednesday 22/08/2018

I voted for Pa Mei
because i know players will vote either Jigi or Serafina

This type of question cannot be asked in the sales forum if you are not providing a sales deal.

In future, please ask in the General Thread. I will move the thread there.

Thank you for your understanding.

I found a bit strange her price wasn't dropping , I'm glad I got her in the packs, I'm holding out for that baby dragon in the Dominion clan I think he's called Death Wing .

tuesday 21/08/2018

Hoping for Ghostown Cr feels kinda obvious that it's time for someone to pass on

monday 20/08/2018

But sometime people complaining it is a a good thing for us and mods, we can known what the problem exist.
we must to thick positive. Mods and Admin please try to listen to player complaining.
New comer can refer to Forum:-
Strategy and Tactics: General - Game dead, or dying ?

sunday 19/08/2018

Try to check the arcade season 2,3,4 stages staff anouncement threads, I and other players might have posted some helpful decks there.

... closing this.

saturday 18/08/2018

If you go to “My Collection” then click on the format, you only see cards valid for that format. However, you have to own the cards first.
But right now, the T1 and T2 filters are broken.

But I agree, I we need a way to filter all the cards, owned or not.

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