monday 22/10/2018

Then their the La Junta the more attack focusing of these four clan. Their playstyle an either be heavy attack focused or heavy defensive focused. It really depends on your play style. Compared to Rescue and Sentinel, La Junta get really hurt by power modification clans. They might have cards with high powers, but they don’t have extra attack help that the other two clans have.

sunday 21/10/2018

Actually I didn't knew under which subject should I post this.. But I need Avatar Creators and yep.. I'm willing to pay a lot smiley

So pm me and I'll tell you the detail of the the Avatar..

thursday 18/10/2018

Rescue bonus is stronger than Huracan's if only very slightly, IMO. While it can be better left unchecked, it also means that it limits your strategy as in you almost always have to play to win in the first 2 rounds or you hamper your effectiveness massively. So while sometimes your attack manipulation is stronger, either you sacrifice predictability or you sacrifice your attack manip by losing rounds 1 and 2.

Freaks bonus is great IMO, because the cards are significantly designed around it. Such as Splata's pretty much perfect damage of 5 for it in Tourney, or the massive number of stalling cards etc.

I don't think Frozn's bonus is what limits them in anyway, in a half deck theoretically it's the strongest bonus. They are limited because the Frozn card design means that they almost always consider their card stats and abilities if the bonus is active, meaning in half decks where you pull 1 Frozn only it's usually very weak, and in a full deck you only use 2 cards to maximum effectiveness.

^Oof. That Tiwi LD plushie sounds awesome...smiley

See, posts like this are why I want the forums revamped. Some bolding and/or italics, a longer character limit, and the ability to fix hyperlinks would really make this shine. But that is a different matter.

I really like the mini-conversations about each character. Though, why the Hive would interview characters from other clans for their ‘secure’ database is beyond me. smiley
Anyways, good work.

Personally our guild is doing speculation by having members announce their Cryptocoin pulls in a Guild Forum than a public forum and are basing a theory around it.

Even I have no exact information how it works. Only an Admin would know in my opinion.

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tuesday 16/10/2018

Yes, i get the two points. However I find Virginia more versatile than Dashra but it's a matter of opinion, of course. And above them there is only one: Reine Cr, obviously.

@AbigailWyatt smiley

monday 15/10/2018

I found Belgosi is now a semi-evo 2* 7/2 and 3*7/4. Not sure if it is a recent update, but for such a stale card it is a chance))

I was thinking buffing Sentinel's bonus like an Attack +10 bonus but that will break Skiner's card and other Sentinel cards with Attack + ability.

sunday 14/10/2018

Bennies its written bio air lamar cr. Clearly an air Jordan reference

Yesh like the Roots. THE ROOTS CLAN IS AZZ!

All characters listed like this makes me think that all in all this is one of the weakest clans in all Clint City and other characters do jokes every day about GHEIST conquering the city with their secret plans. And that probably GHEIST will never do operations ever nearby Mount Glatz.
You must know that when your killers are Brutox, Dr Saw, Methane and LIlith and your Uppers specialist is NINA that you fucked up somewhere.
Zatman kills people for hobby. Mr GHEIST should really get a new head of HR, asap.

saturday 13/10/2018

Step 1: Learn French (well, it’s probably not 100% needed, but it cannot hurt)
Step 2; Learn a few programming languages (to be a programer) or practice drawing till good (to be an artist)
Step 3: Through a series of machiavellian events, ‘accidentally’ run into UR staff, befriend them, and create a job opening through any means you desire.
Step 4: Convince them to give you that job.
Step 5: Profit

friday 12/10/2018

0 Xavi 'Roots have the best All Stop in the game, Shakra'

No Love

Nahi Cr is really good too, she's a Roots so there we go.

On topic, GHEIST is a damage clan where you threaten your enemy to gain an advantage with every card. E.g. big hitters like that Brawl +damage 3* card, high damage low power attack manip like Arkn and Defeat: cards like Koshiro. These all pressure your enemy and quickly create advantages over them.

Instead Roots has a different defensive style, Roots has a few decent attack manipulators also, but with lower damage. It's mainly stalling with DRs and walls while trying to land 1 big hit with a defensively powerful card, such as Brody, Gretchen, Ellie. Like GHEIST Roots has many cards to slowly create an advantage over your enemy but instead of threatening your enemy with big damage to bait pillz like GHEIST, Roots creates a life gap advantage with forks, DRs, heals, life manip in general. E.G. Leliana, the 3* 8/1 Victory or Defeat +2 life card, Flora, Willow etc.

thursday 11/10/2018

Well for Krazan ld his update history had him as +pwr, heal, +life or +/-atk manipulation
So I think we should move away from heal and + life now that I think about it since he was already in those positions and it didn't make him that much more playable.
I'd say a good DR or defeat life BUT Roots have had a bad history with getting their low level drs and defeat +life cards banned no matter how bad that card's stats were. Looking at you arno fiora and Jeena.
We can also pick an ability that isn't represented
Personally I find atk manipulation bonus clans to be the biggest pain in the butt for roots and the majority of atk maniplators in roots have average or subpar manipulation since they have really odd numbers like the newest card with +1 atk.
So maybe cancel atk manipulation 8/4 yes it would eclipse Noodile Cr but would it really be that much of a lost to replace a no ability card as old as this game? this change makes him a much more stable wall without overly relying on conditions that many of the other changes had i.e confidence, support, equalizer and brawl.

wednesday 10/10/2018

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