monday 20/06/2016

Why is this in the ELO forum? Emeth Cr is banned. What do you use this deck for? DT? , Free Fight? Something else?

I'd probably replace Jane Ramba with Floyd, Trish or Naja Ld. The rest are decent.

Montana or huracan these days, even bangers are strong


XD IDK. Like I said. I was doing missions. Didn't give a damn about my score.

friday 03/06/2016

The 2*s are based around losing so frozn bonus can activate easily

Gats is real bad when its against raptors and they are real common these days

Yeah dagg cr is real expensive so I just ignore him as I can't buy him xD

wednesday 01/06/2016

I noticed some of the 5 stars in Frozen can also be used as 4 stars. Might try if they weren't so damn pricey.

Bankee is a solid 8 power with ability at lvl 2 and 3 smiley

wednesday 25/05/2016

Having a hard time actually building something I would really personally like myself. smiley

I don't have a clue how you want your deck so I will leave some of the more optimal cards I personally would pick from and you can work from there.
El Matador, El Papa Gallo, Derby Queen, Wonder Lana, Tengu Magistrado Ld
Drakorah, Chopper Ld, Brutus (few good 2 stars imo that putting a support ability would be better),Shaker,Zaria, Annie, July

Ideas I been juggling is focusing on 2 hit koing with Drakorah, Poison/life manipulation with Chopper Ld and La Cobra, Low pilling Huracan cards and High pilling cards like Drakorah and Walkie.

Also you should consider any temp ban cards (Rattle Rex Sweig) if they are unbanned for that week.

saturday 21/05/2016

@HipHoppa Yeah, I was considering that as well. I'm trying to get Melody at the moment as she would be great with Vortex.

monday 16/05/2016

Optimal deck would be a deck with cards that isn't banned often though borderline. Also your own play style would also matter as there are decks that make up for mistakes and benefit from high and low pillers.

Look up the banning cards list and see which cards often trend but don't actually surpass that border to be considered banned. Pick a few clans you prefer and start examining different combinations for weakness and strengths. Might also want to try looking for partial evolved cards to see what could make it for your deck.

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My own two cents... I do like Shaun over Nanook. I realize Nanook has the benefit of being 10 power all the time... but with all the 10 power you can have in Ulu Watu, there's never any pressure to play Shaun in a different round.

I'm like you... I definitely use Noland. And I think attack manipulation on Ulu Watu is gonna work good with Eyrik so I'd definitely make sure to get Mango in there. Dave and Numar will help Mango. Chel. Whatever else you use, you're looking at a pretty dangerous deck. The trick is whatever kinda DR you can fit in there, and what you do with Eyrik when you gotta play him.

thursday 12/05/2016

Well, he's not even voteable this week so that's good I guess. Wonder if staff took him off on purpose...

wednesday 11/05/2016

I would trade Lennard for Krash. Although, yes, Lennard is a rare card,but Krash gets the job done better. You're obviously playing Lennard for his ability, but why use a kill shot when you have a similar ability that's more reliable? However, I see why you'll play Lennard over Krash. After all, it's 1 more life you're gaining and your bonus does help with the Kill Shot. But here's the thing: Rescue struggles agaisnt SOB, and attack manipulation clans. Not to mention the specific cards in these clans! (Nellie, Herman, Hefty, Virginia, Oxo, etc.), so chances are you're not getting that Kill Shot through.

Another thing is I know Slyde has nice DR, but I would change it to Anita or Tina. Pam is some what viable I guess, but I like Tina much better.

tuesday 10/05/2016

I don't think wee lee is OP, i do think Chel is slightly op, however. so they decided to ban wee lee so we can still use chel (which is cool, imo)

tuesday 03/05/2016

UR staff can't increase the Life points in the mode without making Huracan too powerful.. unless they add a reasonable max. to their bonus..

Ummm, Ongh, dianzi/moegruera, cindy, rodney, scopica, salsa, pegh, and mindy/james

monday 02/05/2016

Soa clans work though Power manipulate clans get get over their generally solid 7-8 powered cards.
Generally solid powered cans can go toe to toe with Raptors.

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If you like Vortex, here's a Vortex Uppers combo I just made.


sunday 01/05/2016

That looks a lot better Korporal. Good luck.

Mono sak is a little pointless. Just run mono sent or even rescue, you get more bang for your buck.

monday 25/04/2016

I know there is alot of "defend UR despite all the mistakes they have made" these past couple years, hell I caught the virus too.

But the truth is a free market system would prevent excatly what you say Yoshi, so that would literally only happen once (assuming they do not lock the market). Which is funny, since UR has actually done alot of things recently to inflate the market (daily login bonus of clintz (lol if UR wants to decrease prices, they should give us free credits so there are more cards, not clintz, which will make old time players suffer more ONLY if they do not manipulate the market already). .

Either way, the only reason this change has not been implemented yet is due to the staff not wanting to spend money for the necessary infrastructure changes (I dont think anyone on the UR staff knows how to code, ironically). They have misappropriated their budget on the failure of a "new and improved" website. In all honesty, UR needs a new lead project manager. (contact me if you are looking for one).

That's only if they don't have SOB or some sort of attack manip of their own.
I can expect to see lots of Huracan and Junkz but the damage is what matters more ultimately.

I see your point but Gatuchica is more for a Mono type where her bonus is assured otherwise I'm just pill 4 pilling.

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