monday 01/02/2016

I think it's just you hating the replace imo jazz.

sunday 31/01/2016

When did you buy the entire clan jerromy? Because if you look at how the market is now.. Idk.. Its like not one year ago when most of the cards dont even past the 30k price espefially the new cards, i can understand most of the old one but.. smiley

thursday 28/01/2016

The thread was posted when phoebe /Campbell /kerry rex sweig /Imperia Sloane / rattle were meaned to be banned (the list was updated)

tuesday 26/01/2016

Perhaps a life/dr deck?

She's susceptible to other SOA Clans and such.
Add in that Dolly Cr is a gamble card in a clan that makes lots of damage per card to begin with . . .
Dolly Cr isn't that bad; annoying in some cases but rarely OP

sunday 24/01/2016

I okay hawkins in half decks Jamox .maybe preference.
but still it's never a threat card like chel '-'

wednesday 20/01/2016

Well mu suggestion is:
Vektor for karnor ved
Dreadlash, deea or gats is better than using marty
C beast is great but i rather use a 4* tbh like t gaank or dagg cr to make room for wnother 3* instead... Or use oflgn or dregn....

tuesday 19/01/2016

And Ongh and Jeena and Marina....

saturday 16/01/2016

Nabrissa and Yayoi are versatile cards, which is why they are so good. Diana is more of a "nuke" jsing.

wednesday 06/01/2016

They don't work in bi-clan because their bonus is useless on R4, as other people mentioned above.

I think with the new cards they could work as a low star half:
Boomstock Argos Pr Cushing Fastbender

Or something along those lines. If you're not going low star you could also replace Argos with Pericles or Dr Copernica. I think Riots have value in their pill gain, to set up for a big card from your other half. I've found they pair well with Uppers because of the pill/attack manipulation combo.

Lenora is extremely situational but can be very effective in Pussycats weeks as a guaranteed 5 damage card.

friday 01/01/2016

Yeah it doesn't matter when the account was created. This is a level 30 with a 25k budget, what I'd call a new player. smiley

Hope you've found some of this stuff useful!

sunday 27/12/2015

Thank You

wednesday 16/12/2015

You do know it was for fun I had fun with it an won a bit

tuesday 15/12/2015

I think a skeelz half of galactea chiara arantxa and redra is very strong!
possible pairs are your uppers half or maybe a roots half.
i am running roots/skeelz to start the week
curlix markus mildred yookie
galactea chiara cr arantza redra

Consider leela instead of the Jane.

saturday 12/12/2015

But she is much better than chan

monday 07/12/2015

Basically they ban it for some continuos weeks and as a result price will go down.. then they buy up a lot..unban it one week ..price increases.. wait for right moment and sell them all.. that's what it is

C Dusk is a useless card.. Xodus can save you more... He is a very good courage card..

Daggons or Xodus is very conditional.

If your other half is an attack clan play Xodus over Dagg Cr. Or If you have a KO type deck then also Xodus is better.. eg:Uppers /AS /Bangers /Gheist

If the 2nd clan is ulu/Jungo/Roots/Sakhrohm/NM then Dagg Cr is better smiley

saturday 05/12/2015

Hey you know what, I totally agree with you that Barbacoatl is extremely useful! I scored over 1500 ELO one week and he was in my deck smiley he makes a great opener card because he's essentially an unblockable 8/7-12 with SOB first round with courage. And really solid stats against SOA. Use him with wonald, arturo, matriochka/ then wee Lee, dave, mango, chel

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