sunday 05/04/2015

@{Titan} I said that years ago and they didn't listen.

He's definitely a troll leader, which is why I want him. Making the over achieving try hards cry while using lower tier clans is a hobby of mine.

saturday 04/04/2015

This is just part of the auction tool not a player made bot. When you place a bid you set the highest price you want to pay. Then if someone else bids but its below your maximum bid the bid goes up to 1 more then then bid just placed. This keeps happening untill the highest set bid is reach and then a new highest bid is made and the same thing happens.

Hi, Please keep chats about which cards you think will become cr to your guild forums:

friday 03/04/2015

ELO 50/50s

End of story.

thursday 02/04/2015

I no want Rass Cr smiley

wednesday 01/04/2015

Ima close this thread lol as my question has been answered, ty guys

I'd be closing this thread as this is leading to nowhere.
P.S: Congratulations on reaching a new personal best!

tuesday 31/03/2015

Hi, If you want to talk about things not related to UR please use this thread:

They can't afford to pay for UR support, since 95% of the new players leave in the 1st week and the old players have pretty much abandoned this game. Just gotta accept this game peaked 3-4 years ago, did nothing with it and has been on a decline ever since. Only a matter of time until server costs are more than the income and the game gets shut down permanently.

monday 30/03/2015

The flash mission is a little extra for players who put in a lot of time or effort (not counting the few who managed to get it in a pack by mistake but mistakes happen), If you don't manage to unlock it by the deadline it will probably be unlockable by credits if you want the mission points.

Ok sorry, I read too much into your comment.

It breaks ties. Somewhere a Barney Stinson is crying for the good ties lost in the great tie break of 2015. Bad ones, not so much.

Theres currently no way to complete them. I sent a message a while ago with a suggestion of to hide them from players who can't start/finish them and to make the Mission points from them no longer count towards the total but to still have them show up for players who did them. This would allow players who did them to still keep them but for all players to still be able to reach top mission points totals.

Oh Thoazol, don't say that. I already have headcanon/fanon/whatever regarding Jonas' dad and it'll get ruined. smiley smiley This dude looks like he hangs more with the Montana than the Uppers imho anyway.

(Then again, it wouldn't be the first time I ignored the canon of UR. I refused to break my Joe/Esmeralda ship/pairing when Madelone came out and am still shipping them to this day.)

I enjoys manipulating pills so definitely Piranas and Junkz, though I seldom use Piranas now.
Playing Junta is great as well, with 2hko and a bit pills manipulating with Brianna.

Thanks Pingerz. And I don't take offense Hiphoppa.

sunday 29/03/2015


Tbh I'm already confused.. (no pun intended)

If you click reactivate you get a message stating what you will win instead

try it, you wont lose credits unless you confirm

i think it is like 10 clintz per 1 point

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