sunday 08/02/2015

I picked up DT again the second I came back to the game, because I saw how easy it was to amass a profit/Cr. For me to make a smart decision like that, in my 5 years of playing, shows that there is something wrong.

(Also, wasteroftime, you've had the same avatar since you became a mod. What are you doing.)

saturday 07/02/2015

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Hax is very weak due to his low damage and conditional (his 10 power works in 2 rounds only.) I'd suggest reeve aurora or buddy over him

thursday 05/02/2015

Correct - CoB, SoB and Protection: Bonus as abilities all function EXACTLY the same against an SoB clan. smiley

Nightmare are weak to ability SOA, protection power (considering common inclusions like Oshitsune and Edwin), anything with a strong attack manipulation ability, a round winning bonus that is protected by SoB/CoB/prot, low minimum power manip etc. Nightmare have the advantage in life gap but aren't as good as winning their round.

Piranas are more stable round winners but are lower in the life gap department. DR or Defeat: +life really emphasise this weakness, and something like Ector (which avoids DR) has his own SOA weakness.

SoB clans are difficult if your deck is overly bonus reliant, but they're far from being without weaknesses. smiley

wednesday 04/02/2015

This game will only lose players, not gain players smiley

I don't care i know im biased being that Glosh is my favorite card of all time, and happens to cover a big weakness for rescue. That being said.

Sledg, Glosh, Alec cr, Elvira, Buckler, Dr Norton, Lea, Steve

monday 02/02/2015

Only the founder can do that

Also make a limit of each card a player can have.. Common 100, Uncommon 50 and Rare 25..

Create the "Business List" where you can place the copy of a card you already have all possible copies in your collection... Make it 100 max... Make the pack opening system like Fifa Ultimate Team.. You can sell in the market, you can send the cards to your collection, you can send them to your business list, you can quick sell them, you can make a auction with them and if you don't choose anything, your pack will remain there until you do something with them..

Make it able to "rent" cards from the system for credits... You pay X credits to rent a card for X days.. (Example: You want to rent Noctezuma for 7 days, you pay 14 credits. 7 (the amount of days) * 2 (the price of the card per day))

friday 30/01/2015

Not really because once you have spent all your money it won't let u buy stuff

thursday 29/01/2015

Yes. Here's a link for those who can't be bothered

Get 1k of each category of Tokenz,then try to shove all of them up your a$$ and see how they feel.....ya dig ? smiley

Oh, I see that now, I made a mistake with Riots. W

Toro has no DT penalty.

monday 26/01/2015

I won a dt just now. easy.

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Can someone update me this clan prices? (With and without CR and RB)
Ulu Watu
Thanks smiley

saturday 24/01/2015

To quote

wasteroftime - Moderator - Open Casket English
Monday 12/01, 07:18

next spam thread gets deleted and comes with a black list

additionaly thread for attention gets previous threads (that have been locked) deleted

and i quote
"Try me m8"

thursday 22/01/2015

Soiuku ive made top 100 elo last 2 weeks and currently 30th with mono bangers in elo

You cannot block people from playing you

people quitting mid game is pretty normal behaviour in ELO, not so much in other formats, and not even rational in DTs

wednesday 21/01/2015

Contact the support-team:

tuesday 20/01/2015

Yeah, I think that's my biggest complaint, Steel X. I don't think I would have minded if they'd made the new mission win 400 pillz or something (as I said in post 4), but having two identical missions with teh same name is just annoying and shows a lack of creativity/caring, as you said.

If you get deleted you always get the fee back again

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