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wednesday 10/06/2015

Very good idea jerromy,i wish staff to do this , i will actually save their time in the longer run ,(they won't have to recover stolen cards from hackers)

tuesday 09/06/2015

Honestly not for nothing, but at least the event itself was fun, i hope UR continue to do more of these.

I want to join that event if given the chance

monday 08/06/2015

I believe my post is 2278 on this thread...

Darkblood is surely pro at something and that is: copying & pasting what the Admins say lolz smiley

This is a way to prevent olding, nice!

Honestly, I used to bist my butt to get RB cards. I've never won and RB or a CR and im glad because it would have been a waste of time and effort. When I got the news about the rb's being in the packs and the originals are no longer being distributed, I immediately bought the original because over time, they are going to have CR prices.smiley

sunday 07/06/2015

saturday 06/06/2015


"Any thread created to buy/sell customized avatars and banners is forbidden and will be refused.
This doesn't mean that it is not allowed to be done in guilds or as prize in events."

(the rules posted in rules threads cover all the English public forums not just the ones its posted in, We just post it once in the forum where its most relevant to keep things tidy).

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1) 100% when you have 8 of the same card

2) They get a lot of messages daily and they need to focus on each one individually so it takes time.

3) I think they wanted to focus on UR gameplay along with the renovation of UR for new players.

4) Theres usually atleast one a month but I doubt theres any actual % chance

5) Theres nothing which needs fixeing and theres other things which there focusing on but you never know and update could be in the works (might even tie in with the improved tutorial there planning).

6) 100% if you use 100 tokens, if not then your chances are the same each spin. Theres been no official % chance.

7) They are, in the forum of a new trading app.

smiley New

9) Theres no average price. It all depends on the age of the card, before and after cr status, original rarity, amount of copies already about, useabilities e.c.t

Start with DT i'd saysmiley


All mission prizes are what I earned when completing the mission, so they may differ for you

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friday 05/06/2015

So {Titan} meant, if you want to invest, Invest in learning French.

You made my day

thursday 04/06/2015

"KO win with remaining Pillz: 1 point per remaining Pillz, max 2 points"
I think the above statement is wrong, I saved 1 pill and got +2 bonus points

A free ticket for Leader Wars.

wednesday 03/06/2015

Haaken getting one more power or damage would've made him too OP

monday 01/06/2015

Speculate about the next CRs on this subject smiley

I have a feeling that it'll be Uranus from Sakrohm and Noctezuma from Hurecan. Not sure about the rest though.

Rules and decription kinda look confused xD

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