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thursday 11/11/2010

Ive set the rules so no clans with attack manipulation are aloud

wednesday 10/11/2010

Sweet might try.


Have fun
read rules and prizes to be won!!

According to Mac Leod, results will come friday at the latest.

UP for this cool event! smiley

tuesday 09/11/2010

monday 08/11/2010

Im joining !!!!!!smileysmileysmiley

Build a T1 compatible deck where every character has to be from a different clan, so no bonusses allowed. smiley I'd like to see what everybody can cook up.
Prices are yet to be determined. The more people will join the bigger the prices. smiley
Join here: id_deleted

saturday 06/11/2010

Only SIX spots left join up fast just put that 5k worth in cards in my PS and join the event!!!

friday 05/11/2010


Thanks to a clever plan, some members of different clans have succeeded in getting rid of theirs harshest rivals! So Roots, GHEIST, Piranas, Nightmare, Montana, Uppers & Leader has been swept away by Clint City. Unfortunately, to the party for the division of the cake, not everything has gone as expectation and those people that were allied before are now fighting themselves for the dominion of Clint City, while old enemies are now fighting together!
New Alliances have risen and the first victims are already counted on the roads of Clint City.
Who will succeed in overpowering all the others?

I want Yousmiley to join my event! smiley

Abal puss q tal levesmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

I thought seeb had won both O_o guess my clock wasn't right here heh

I played on the phantom DT, got a top 10 but didn't get any clintz for doing it smiley

tuesday 02/11/2010

1st Place is jackpot AND chance in So You Think You Know UR Volume III smiley

monday 01/11/2010

Is free

sunday 31/10/2010


Is and event where the contenders split in to 2 teams Pirate who can only use Piranas and Demons who can only used Nightmare you must battle against members of the opposing group so if you are in Pirates you must battle people in the Demons group so which is your favourite The demonic Nightmare or the swah buckeling Pirates of the Piranas enter and choose now

friday 29/10/2010

There is literally only ONE SPOT AVAILABLE!!!

This is your very last chance to take it!

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