sunday 12/09/2010

18 spots left
join up people

Thanks you can delete or close this now

friday 10/09/2010

Another card has been added so keep joiningsmiley

Keep coming!

thursday 09/09/2010

40 submissions have been entered so far. Additional 5K prizes have been added to the 2nd-5th place finishers.

wednesday 08/09/2010

Literally only two spots available. Join quickly before they are gone!

Alright, this contest is over and since I have a new contest coming up in a few days can this thread be locked please? smiley

tuesday 07/09/2010

This is my first event just testin the waters so all join and enjoy
it is t2 and the prizes are listed if enough people join might up prize list
so please all join like it or not

Thanks to all who particpate

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It's gonna be great. Only 3 spots left

monday 06/09/2010

Over half a million of prizes in the latest GK, only few spots left.

Hey, if there is no entry fee ill joinsmiley

sunday 05/09/2010


saturday 04/09/2010

Double or Nothin' 2 - Up the ante! is in the setup stages now! Last time prizes included 15 cards, including Oshitsune, Shayna, and Akendram. Looking for big prizes this time around, and as always, if you're in the top half of the finals, you win DOUBLE your entry fee!

The best odds in UR just got bigger, so join today!

Registration has been extended until Monday due to the holiday weekend and my resulting schedule!


deleted is an event where your deck will be shuffled about with others in the event giving you a completely random deck for each stage. While you could start off with an amazing ghest/ ulu watu deck you could end up with rescue, sentinels, la junta and vortex as your deck. Luck plays an important role but also playstyle as all your opponents will suffer the same problems as you.

entry requirements: 1000 clintz stake, Hero+ ranking and you will need clintz in order to buy your random deck (or you can borrow from friends and guildmates if need be).
max players: 16
max jackpot: 15200 (jackpot atm: 7600 Ctz (+ the 5% from Kate: 400 Ctz) )

1st place: chikko cr +50% of jackpot
2nd place: amiral py cr +25%
3rd place: terry cr +20%
5% to kate

rules will be found in the rules section and please submit your preset in the polish section following Roulette format.

Hope you can join smiley

friday 03/09/2010

like it or not

It's Texhex's first event and its free so why not! smiley

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