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tuesday 26/05/2015

People like reviving old threads, let them be. You usually can't stop them anyways.

sunday 24/05/2015

That does not look bad at all. Will it attract new people? I don't think so, the game isn't marketed enough.

Octana looks cute in the background. (I'm pretty sure it's her.)

Yes I have seem them a lot in ELO and T2 mode, can be very annoying to challenge smiley

saturday 23/05/2015

"The exchange rate is also poor and not well-thought out."

Sounds very negative.

Well trade got done anyway so ima clsoe smiley

friday 22/05/2015

Oh i see ,okay it's impossible , that's good cause you know sometimes you just gotta trust that nasty gut feeling

thursday 21/05/2015

It might not have been designed that way, but it was very useful for poison missions, for example...

Ye ofc smiley
Ghelas is an awesome staff who helps for the prizes in events xD

wednesday 20/05/2015

I agree with republic. That's what I mean by UR is afraid of change. How can you release somthing new and with the same old qualities? Wow, you guys upgraded the artwork... so, now you can jack the price up by 20×the original price? Withits has the same stats and abilities as the original.its a waste kind of like 3 powered cards in a t2 battle.

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Mono junkz was good before bans. constant top 10s for me (and I'm not even that good)

not sure now tho as i don't play dt anymore

I always use Sak+Upper.s, best combo if you have the right cards.

(Morphun,Graksmxxt,Uranus,Mokra,Lady,Jackie cr,Magnar and hefty)

But you can combine all those combos above. But I woild not recommend to use Freaks in regular modes o.ly in Elo jf you really want.

sunday 17/05/2015

Wait until the new clan comes out (June 26th).
Then buy NB, as you have a higher chance of a new member smiley

Ok, i got myself back in! yay! thx, this is my first event so i new

saturday 16/05/2015

Well, if this helps at all, you can go to a clan's page and click missions. It helps me see what NB missions I have yet to do with a clan whose LD just came around, for example (because when I do a LD batch of a certain character, I tend to also try to complete other missions belonging to the said clan).

friday 15/05/2015

Ah huracan. make sense. that is the faces, and i just dont get why he is on top of building. makes him see like a robber

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thursday 14/05/2015

Count me in smiley

wednesday 13/05/2015

I see no reason to let this thread open. If many people wrote spam to the customer support, it will delay the people who really need the support's help. It is not funny.

tuesday 12/05/2015

Wow really it's just a name

There's a Romeo and Juliet quote I had for this situation but I forgot it. To be or not to be?

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