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saturday 27/11/2010


donate 5k and you could win anything over that as well as the jackpot

thursday 25/11/2010

Or if you might be talking about events.
In the case of an event,
There is no level requirement, so your problem is most likely that the event is not open to you. If you find an event that is open to you, you have the correct number of clintz, then you apply. Then you must wait for the event creator to accept you. smiley

wednesday 24/11/2010

No wonder my wallpaper entry didn't win... Those are awesome. smiley

I bet this is the winner:

tuesday 23/11/2010

Merry xmas

monday 22/11/2010

A small event here briefly dagelegt the rules

It is played with no chance to live Pillz 12 and 12, with the cover format 8and +2 pw

It will first identify the best 16 (with eight groups of 8 personal best 2 of each group come on)
That quarter-finals will be played in a 1vs Kosytem the lots will be drawn
From the first knockout round is played type2-8und2 + pw star begrezung thus no longer the games are back in Kosytem and are also drawn just like the semi-final
Third-place play connect two losers of the semifinals against each other
Final winners in the semi-finals

detailed explanation of the wide format
* Your deck must contain not less than 8 characters.
* The sum of the level of the Characters in your deck must not exceed 25.
* Your deck may only contain the / the following 4 Clan (s): Ulu Watu, Bangers, Sakrohm, Leader.
* Your cover must not contain characters that evolve at the moment.
* Your deck may contain duplicate characters.
* Your deck must be balanced: all clans must be represented numerically as strong (The Leader does not count as a clan).

The random setting is: not a random attack factor, the stronger always wins

I would be very numerous Bewerbugen Enjoy: blush:smiley

Even after it's over it's still getting posts? Please lock this.

I should have my next contest *some* time in December. Finals are coming up and I'm spending more time studying than setting up my next contest, but I do have something in mind, so please be patient. smiley

You can use any cards you want mate and pm me privatly if you want to fight me and stop moaning if you not interested then stop spaming

sunday 21/11/2010


Please Join.

The pussycat Cr's and i dont reay care that im in the rong section xx


Make sure your founder joins first.

saturday 20/11/2010

Join now!

friday 19/11/2010

Update: We're still looking for players to join the event.
Th prizes are good, but they certainly will become better thats for sure!

Deck format : type 1
clan only bangers
leader allowed
semi evo allowed

Oh my soul! Sorry Iceberg, will you please post it on the correct forum. My bad smiley

Prize Update

1st ~ Terry Cr 0exp Donated by Lost_YDG
2nd ~ Rubie Donated by --Lu Bu--
3rd ~ Lehane Donated by Lost_YDG
4th ~ Chiro donated by --Lu Bu--
5th ~ Glenn Donated by --Lu Bu--
6th ~ Buba Donated by --Lu Bu--
7th ~ Massiv Donated by --Lu Bu--
8th ~ K Cube Donated by Lost_YDG
Everyone will get a Bob Joby just for playing

thursday 18/11/2010

Hi everyone hope i could win. im trying my luck here

The title says it all smiley everyone is invited to join, even if ur not interested in joining TraitorzZz

http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=37710 smiley

wednesday 17/11/2010

One new judge, linked in the event, and the event starts today! Thanks all who joined!

Bump, join people

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