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wednesday 27/10/2010

it should be great. And please, if you join try to make a donation.

monday 25/10/2010

sunday 24/10/2010

An Competitive Elo event! with twist and turns (Fun ones of course)
Read the rules for more exciting info and check out the prizes.
To join you must have a Hall of Fame score of 1375+


With the different starred cards.
Join level of experience and put your skill to the test with the different deck formats.

It is a epic event, currently has a 13k jackpot, a golden ticket into Colossal's private lotto, and a Tanaereva Cr and it's just going to keep growing since its only 1k to join. smiley

Max of 32 player tho so join fast after reading my rules smiley

How do you get rid of vansaar, hugo and timber?

saturday 23/10/2010

Thanks for warning me that Fearless Fox will be a judge. He hates me and will most certainly be bias against my story.

friday 22/10/2010

Tagahanga's 40th Level Lottery is complete and we have our winners.

1st . . . WMD I-X-L-R-8 from the Wise Men Developing Guild will receive 8151 + c Beast
2nd . . . ON_migu5 from the Carry ON Guild will receive 4212 + c Beast
3rd . . . LCN_PELUQUEN from the Los Caballeros Negros Elite Guild will receive 1222 + Cyb Lhia
4th . . . Last second entry vexedvox from the Heaven's Drift will receive Oflgn
5th . . . HAL2_Fidelity from the (HAL2) Guild beginners will receive Ray
6th . . . TCA-Thelegend from the Time Conquers All will receive Heegrn
7th . . . Devil-Schnix from the The Club Guild will receive Eloxia
8th . . . 6-Kiarash-6 from the Madison's Chamber Guild will receive Raeth
9th . . . milrakCr from the Icefire Guild will receive Miss Jessie (Miss Clintz City 2010)
10th . . . Ice, who is not affiliated with any guild will receive Cliff
11th . . . Z_LW from the Little Weapons Guild will receive Nahema
12th . . . baijetterz77 from the Philippine Legionnaires Guild will receive Gianfranco

Cards and clintz will be distributed when the majority votes in. So everyone please vote . . .

5 Spots Remaining! get In fAST!

We only close if it is neccassary. Normally the threads die out themselves.

But sometimes on rare occassions, one bumps up one of those threads. For example, like this one. smiley

thursday 21/10/2010

Please come join our event charlie foxtrot charlie kilo
top 5 places will get cards with a value of 2k plus for only a 100 clintz entrance fee
just started and open too all

please read rules for playing good luck and enjoy

wednesday 20/10/2010

Come on people! i thought you wanted useless cards to have a use.
well? here is your chance to use those useless cards!

Come on people the sooner you join the less people there will be in line before you and the more opportunities you will have to play

Make groups and make players fight inside the groups, then eliminate from event the players tht didn't made the req points

tuesday 19/10/2010

Lol. that means we will be dividing the jackpot amongst ourselves.
i might also put up cards as prizes so everyone has something

@insane it's very off topic with the thread but since your a newbie let me answer your questions.
you can join tourneys in rooms type 1, type 2 and ELO(lvl 15 up)....

monday 18/10/2010

Starting tomorrow's night, sign in, if u want, while u can, cliff is going for 1st, miss ming is for 2nd and Xia Leming will go by lotery to a player who has done at least 50% of the maches

Only 2 places left

friday 15/10/2010

Come on! upup! soon we will start!smiley

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