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saturday 09/05/2015

I've just spun my 200 tokens, ever since that I've acquired 0 "free spins".
Perhaps more than 200 tokenz but still I'm not happy about this and I wish for something to be done.

Write here if your having the same problems and the staff can know.

friday 08/05/2015

wednesday 06/05/2015

1- Sentinel, Riots, Skeelz, Pussycats, All Stars, Junkz, La Junta (ELO)
2 - Survivor non elo - Huracan
3 - Build Skeelz half around Xingshu and Chiara Cr, combine with Pussycats half around Yayoi and Charlie

tuesday 05/05/2015

Yah iagree with you guys. and off of puma, you could start out with a globumm, and randomly selected cheap card, you must make the most profit, by selling the card, and buying more, based on market upping and stuff. but it would have to be over a long period, so you would have to make sure they do nto go inactive

monday 04/05/2015

I think he means the Friends Feed. It can be found under the community tab as "My Friends". As far as I know there is no easy way to delete every friend at once. I think you have to do it one at a time.

For the last time, that is not the point at all, you're just derailing the topic. TCGs don't work that way. 1 card doesn't mean you can beat everything else. The entire argument of "If you have more than 8 cards you can't get your BEST card." is utter nonsense and makes no intelligent addition to this topic.
Besides I think I got my answer already.

Well they must clear the catche.

False alarm people.

sunday 03/05/2015

I don't think it would have any effect on training. The cards are clearly different when training and at max level. And I think you wouldn't be able to choose earlier art until you reach max. That's just how I imagine it.

The only thing I would say is flip Crowen for Ambre. While it may throw off your stated combo, there is little more satisfying as seeing a 10 Pwr Kolos.
Plus, she will make your other cards more scary too (9/6 full stop anyone).
As for the reprisal turns, only Ambre herself becomes a liability (but she still has better dmg than a no ability Crowen).

I personally would keep Uchtul if only to have another intimidating card on the field. But if you really don't like him, I would try Karrion for a quick KO range, or DJ Korps to provide a semi-late game threat...
OR you could try Karrion AND DJ Korps for some poison/defeat fun.

As you said, these suggestions are for a fun deck, not a tourney/ELO/whatever deck.

saturday 02/05/2015

Nevermind, they were just taken.

Well it works again. Thanks Battery if it was something with my cache.

friday 01/05/2015

tuesday 28/04/2015


lots of players perceive a lot of small changes that would improve their experience
many found in this thread below


like most people i do wish UR spent more time working on the small improvements. the reality is that regardless of how small the change is --- it does mean a member of team has to spend a portion of his day/days to work on it, which takes away
from that person working on another (more important?) development. I think most people accept that logic from UR

what they do need to STOP doing is telling us, when we complain, is that the small developments we dislike (ie. respin) was something that was quick and didnt take away from development of greater things. Even if true, they would be better off not using this explanation to reason with players

Because it is near impossible for players to accept both explanations that even small developments take time, and other developments they implement, but players disagree with, did not take so much time.

edited by wasteroftime tuesday 28/04/2015, 15:36

Dam, some very good points! Thanks all smiley

monday 27/04/2015

Title should be
Average amount of Cards/Clintz you need to make to maintain 100% of non-Cr/Rb collection at all times smiley

otherwise that number can probably be much lower if the thread is:
Average amount of Cards/Clintz you need to make to maintain 100% of non-Cr/Rb/NB collection at all times

or even lower if thread is:
Average amount of Cards/Clintz you need to make to maintain 100% of non-Cr/Rb/last 5 NB releases collection at all times

someone want to throw out a ballpark number for the other 2 scenarios?

sunday 26/04/2015

I support this idea. smiley

*autocrrect. u should be able to work out what they are tho

I use it for publishing good survivor decks to show what I actually got and how well it worked.

saturday 25/04/2015

If you make Uppers with -8 they will be weak af
If you make Saks with -10 they will be op af (Imagine Grakd with this bonus...)

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