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thursday 23/09/2010


which guild is now really the best guild of the world ?

i maked a mistake with hold 2% for myself, but i donate El Gringo

Join this event now to be Famous with your guild !!

1o1al of 10k

wednesday 22/09/2010


Good Luck smiley

I think this thread clearly became epic but it's time to close it. smiley

here is the Link caus i forgot to post it in the beginingsmiley


Your deck can only have ether Vortex or Jungo.
No 5* cards alowed
Your deck must contain 25*
Your deck must contain 8 cards
Elo banned cards are also banned here

1- Miss Chloe
2- Eyrton
3- Sunder

tuesday 21/09/2010

Necro Thread ?

That's last year contest and the winners had been named and received their prizes already. I think we can close it...


Enter the event where you have to prove to the others, you can master 2* cards. It's free and you can win prizes smiley

monday 20/09/2010


event: 34261

An old event, in the rule of art

Anyone interested?

Just a wee bump to say that this starts tomorrow (21st September), and the jackpot is currently 1140 to be split - a few more entrants and we'll be laughing. smiley

sunday 19/09/2010

Err yeah but it is still amazing.

Close mods.

saturday 18/09/2010


So far we have 3 participants. Hope to get a few more. The more people, the bigger the jackpot.

friday 17/09/2010

And the winner is (or would be if this were real):
#1 Eyrik
#2 Enzo
#3 Tomas
#4 Greow
#5 Gil

Thanks, all for a successful (if pointless) event.

As for the lottery, here are the winners:
1. Hollow Chigo wins 6,422 Clintz
2. Shikora_LW wins 2,470 Clintz
3. gutennagen wins 988 clinz and Cliff
4. Donmarchetto wins Askai
5. 6-Kiarash-6 wins Heegrn
6. WMD I-X-L-R-8 wins Malmoth
7. OwnageToYou wins Nanook
8. 0asimple-TCGA wins Elvira
9. (SDG)jujo86 wins Gibson
10. wasteroftime wins Bodenpower

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