monday 16/08/2010

It's my personal typesmiley

saturday 14/08/2010

Come on we need more people, we're starting the event next monday

thursday 12/08/2010

Well i've been playing for a while now and i can always land in the top one hundred but there seems to be no way i can even keep up with the leaders :S my highest finish is 22nd

My lvl 40 celebration event


1. Geuner Cr + Eklore
2. Ambre
3. Ghumbo


wednesday 11/08/2010

I'm not sure this makes any sense?

tuesday 10/08/2010

One more day left to join.

This is diff then most event come and join it it is real fun here is the link

My atk is like 10 higher but still loses. happened more than 10 times today..

monday 09/08/2010

Miss Nellie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! smiley!!!!!!! yaay!

sunday 08/08/2010

Will take place in 3 parts.
check out the event for more info.
PM me suggestions or questions

Hello everyone, I bother you, but due to my ignorance at the beginning of the event started to group players unions, rather than by order of registration. Now everything is solved and after it checked by a moderator and give the okay, you probably inform you that your number has changed, so please revisadlo if you like.
> Many thanks, and apologies for the inconvenience. I also take you to vote to ask you if you did not yet. XD

An event till Christmas deleted

saturday 07/08/2010

Join !!!!!!!!!!!

friday 06/08/2010

Come on guys we need more plays smiley

Join up

thursday 05/08/2010

Dang . .. I missed it . . . I need to hit these boards more often.

Well ok that a good thing then smiley


Lol i only missed no. 4 question dammit


basically just a lottery and if it becomes popular i'll add some new ones soon with some awesome rules

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