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tuesday 19/10/2010

Lol. that means we will be dividing the jackpot amongst ourselves.
i might also put up cards as prizes so everyone has something

@insane it's very off topic with the thread but since your a newbie let me answer your questions.
you can join tourneys in rooms type 1, type 2 and ELO(lvl 15 up)....

monday 18/10/2010

Starting tomorrow's night, sign in, if u want, while u can, cliff is going for 1st, miss ming is for 2nd and Xia Leming will go by lotery to a player who has done at least 50% of the maches

Only 2 places left

friday 15/10/2010

Come on! upup! soon we will start!smiley

thursday 14/10/2010

Really wanted to join...

wednesday 13/10/2010

What happen to the inital interest . . . everyone send me messages to join their guilds, and when I told them what I was planning they said they can't wait . . . entry fee too small . . . to be worth it?

Please advise . . .

High price entry fee but very high reward.
Come test out your skills with a life manipulation deck and see if you can outlive your opponents!

tuesday 12/10/2010

Oh yeah i did all the movie stars instead of the games smiley

monday 11/10/2010


JACKPOT didn't quite make a MILLION , but it still managed 883500 Ctz

ALSO these prizes on offer:

Sigmund Cr Donated By C0L0SSAL
Thaumaturge Cr Donated By Alavaye
Tanaereva Cr Donated By Packrat-TCA
Alec Cr Donated By scratches1972
Page Cr Donated By MookieBC
Smokey Cr Donated By deathbychips
Kreen Cr Donated By Katryton-TCA
Ongh Donated By Lord Cristian
GraksmxxT Donated By Relinquit
Caelus Donated By Doh-12
Dorian Donated By Skrits TCA
Bloodh Donated By Smoli-TCA
Wardom Donated By kid-A
Oshitsune Donated By KingsshadowX
Oshitsune Donated By Glowstick1717
Draheera Donated By player:8181020
Katan Donated By Phaige-TCA
Rolph Donated By Rocky_BZ
Sigma Donated By Mystic Ranger

And 300x George Donated By all the other TCA members not listed.

LAST CHANCE TO JOIN (But you gotta ask REAL nice)


deleted where australian players vs one another to see whos the best.
aiming for atleast 100 members.

So if ur aussie and wanna prove ur worth come to this event.

sunday 10/10/2010

Please join and rate up!

OK i put to join
and il donate that DR from AS i think its Ashley or something

saturday 09/10/2010

MY first event. PLease read rules

Join people there are unlimited spaces

friday 08/10/2010

Okay, I'm going to end this here and now, as I am quitting UR (temporarily) in a week or less. The answers to the ones remaining were:

6. Well, great for us! We have the weak Sentinel clan defending us, along with La Junta, a clan who could be formidable but (warning: famous american stereotype ahead) happen to be FRENCH. How could I know that? (How?????)

Bryan has a mention in his bio, the green berets are the french army (or special ops, not quite sure).

10. The hand Ambre-Kolos-General Cr-Emeth is nowhere near unbeatable, though scary. This challenge is one of speed- Who can make a preset which could beat that hand? Post the preset link here, you do not need to have been the one to make it.

Yeah, this could be any preset. I personally would go Ambre- Kolos - Lyse Teria - Lyse Teria.


All Hallow's Eve

One round, beginning Monday. This is not intended to be a mass-brawl, but it is a one-round, high score event.

NOTE - Deck requirements, Scoring Rules

thursday 07/10/2010

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