wednesday 10/12/2014

The Ulu Watu definitely do not lack in the 2* department. Fave and fanny can wall off the majority of cards in the Elo meta whilst Gabrielle provides decent damage control for a 2*. They need a 3* with attack manipulation or a formidable 3* with good damage. Maybe a 6/5 with 6 attack or something like that. Pussycats desperately need that 3* spot filled. Shazam and Bertha are good enough for the Freaks.

tuesday 09/12/2014

VLPascal, thank you. that works.

monday 08/12/2014

I suggest poking around the forums to see the TWO OTHER THREADS EXACTLY LIKE THIS ON THE FIRST PAGE, and reading them. If that doesn't work, post there.

sunday 07/12/2014

My recent cr I won was manon Cr so..... im still getting over my dread of dt! smiley

Jungo too for Ongh. Got two of him off two packs a couple days ago. smiley

saturday 06/12/2014

Use those cards but when you get more money upgrade them to cards like these

Lehane/Westwood tobbie earl Martha Carmen John Jakson/irene/coby/Harvey havok/ hawk/ copper cr

The suggestions depend on whether you are playing Elo or daily tournament

To neo_08ms: I would like to thank you because today I opened 2 elite packs and added Jungo as per your suggestion... and pulled Ongh both times.

Once again, Thank you bery much. smiley

thursday 04/12/2014

Yes very confused

Dr Copernica is solid.
Pericles is situational.
Choose your poison matey!

wednesday 03/12/2014

My story: I come and go as I please and I thought that the whole point of UR is to collect 'em all! as is the case with any tcg, which is hell on my OCD and addiction personality traits, but even I tire of the games, which is why I often give up and walk away for a while.

I could lie and say that my best moment in UR was winning Swidz Cr from elo, but that'd be stupid and pathetic. No, the best thing that happened to me in UR happened a couple days ago. I joined the funniest guild within the English-speaking community whose members either match or surpass my sense of humor.

Both accounts owned by same person?

Like there isn't already an official thread for this topic...

The ability promotes olding, which has reduced elo's fun factor for me.

tuesday 02/12/2014

PS: You will hear a lot of different answers. So try the public presets and Look for high Rates decks.

monday 01/12/2014

Ok ok smiley

I'm under the impression that people downvote sucessful presets because they hate seeing them. Not as a part of a "If i downvote this people won't see it" strategy just - you see that popular/disgusting decklist and they downvote because they're sick of losing against it.

Another thing I've seen over the years is that a lot of people don't vote on the effectiveness of the deck but "bling power" - the more legendary expensive stuff you cram into a deck, the more votes. You put one of the big five or one of the 1 mill Cr's - you get upvotes.

Then there's the fact that UR actually has a steep learning curve and that it's VERY difficult to tell at a glance what a good deck is, and also that THAT changes all the time as there's a big bunch of cards which are complete killers if everyon's forgotten how they are always pilled and complete ass if your oppponents can read them. There's FPC (and Jungo) decks which make 0 sense on paper - but they win hard because they make 0 sense and noone can pill against them sensibly. But they'll never get upvotes because they look silly. My fastest ELO 1300 was with a 3 Stop Junta deck, but who'd ever upvote that?

And then there's the fact that most people tend to think in terms of staples so most comments will be along the linex of "X for Y" and Y will always be the more well known / predicatable card. It's rather funny when cards change status in this regard. Once upon a time a deck with Wendel would get downvotes. Because of Wendel.

sunday 30/11/2014

I like the deck, by the way.

friday 28/11/2014

I don't know what you're fighting for but i think its safe to say that there's just a little bit of pride..smiley
"century lvl'd account?" For me, level doesn't measure how good a player is.
Sa totoo lang bro, I think it's fair and okay. If you're really good then there's no need to be insecure. Whatever hands you opponents have regardless of their level.

But if the concern was just about respect, an issue between a newbie and a high lvl player, well I think we're on the same page, me myself give more respect to the members of the old breed not considering personality/attitude though

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