saturday 03/01/2015

Sounds like a quick, general little fix UR could make to improve user's experience.

Don't we know that won't get done... smiley

thursday 01/01/2015

For a start, this should be posted in the relevant board, not Strategy and Tactics: General, but the one corresponding to your deck's intention...
Next, most Leaders including Morphun cause points penalties in tournaments

Dj Korps in packs for limited time guys

Now that draft mode is closed, post the same thing except ion the elo subforum. *facepalm*

wednesday 31/12/2014

tuesday 30/12/2014

Lakit is good if you have a coordinating partner.

Are you asking us what card would we choose to become cr? smiley

monday 29/12/2014

Ozzy isn't expensive and good for this

sunday 28/12/2014

Huge market, yet the two manga volumes are only in French.

saturday 27/12/2014

Huracan is around 220k

friday 26/12/2014

Packs will give multi accounts. Make many accounts give it to your big account and you have almost that market on your own.

Globumm Globumm Globumm Globumm Globumm Globumm Globumm Ogoun Kyu

thursday 25/12/2014

My lunatic guildmaster has this to share:

"The Flash missions all give 1 credit or 200 clintz. No clue what happens if you don't do them on time, or what the time for them to run out is. I've done them and there seems to be no special reward. Have to wait for the announcement about them to know anything else.

The new clan missions probably all have 1000 clintz as a reward (the ones a bunch of us got done had 1000 clintz). Haven't done them all so I don't know, but they all look like missions that complete themselves as you play so they're not worth devoting time to chasing. Most overlap with other clan missions and you're pretty much guaranteed to complete them eventually."

Every Noel character except Olga, it seems. She's been overlooked.

I like the majority of the changes to the leaders, however I'd like to see Ambre get some type of modification. If I was to re-balance this is what I would do

Timber - 6/9
Vansaar - leave as is
Hugo - Team: attack +7; 7/6
Bridget - +1 life per round, max:16; 7/6
Ashigaru - leave as is
Eyrik - Team: -1 opp. Power min 4; 8/4
Ambre - Team: Revenge, power+3; 6/4
Eklore - -1 opp. Pillz, per round, Min 4; 7/6
Morphun - +1 pillz per round; 8/5
Vholt - Team: -1 opp. Damage Min 3; 8/5

PS:I'd love to see new leaders over changes to existing onessmileysmiley

My subject was closed? Dang...

It's really not a big deal. smiley

Thanks for Kenjy Noel. Merry Christmas.

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