friday 31/10/2014

Christmas stuff will be coming out tomorrow

happy halloween

I'm sorry it took so long to do the pics, but here is the art for Mr. Hemdall...

Bio: Counting the votes for this year's final was difficult when the winner's smoke was everywhere! Many would complain that a miscount secured Hemdall's victory and they're probably right but no one can deny that his smoke-shaping skills were no less than amazing. He was shaping entire fights infront of their eyes! And if the almost-explosive bout between the smoke Mefisto and smoke Divino wasn't worthy of a win then some people just aren't worth impressing...

Level 1 and 2:
Level 3:
Level 4:
Level 5:

wednesday 29/10/2014

You get exp for levelling cards up and there is also a mission requiring you to send 500 characters up to their max level. Pfulls make that a lot easier to do.

XDDD Vote Thoazol for Boostr owner smileysmiley

Just use your username (Aura Dione) and your password

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smiley it was a joke

tuesday 28/10/2014

To answer the question, sometimes yes and sometimes no smiley

Right i've come to the conclusion that God exists. Close this topic please smiley

I think this should be fixed! When playing on mobile you aren't able to view you're current position in DT
Would be à geest feature

monday 27/10/2014

Bring slots back dey mus do dat

Hi, Im sorry but your not allowed to sell avatars on the forums.

TheOPG: I certainly won't dispute that Fixit is good, just voicing how utterly depressing it would be to fight against him. I'm curious to see how my cards would interact with Ambre now. Time to power level! (And thanks again for letting me in the guild smiley)

Chakkal: Hey, thanks for following up! Deck looks vicious, especially now that Kazayan is unbanned. Will probably use Nellie in his spot for now since I can only really afford Christelle atm. Thanks again!

Ah! No wonder.
That explains a lot, as players in Asia are not aware of this!

sunday 26/10/2014

I'd prefer if they introduced a second set of Legendaries and then cycled through two sets in between new blood releases.

saturday 25/10/2014

smiley spikey13

Man rescues kinda expensive clan though

Ulrich might be a good defensive option.
It forces your opponent to think twice during their courage phase before bringing out the big boys.
Do consider him for non-ELO.

Parmabarb is also another solid pick.
You can sub Tula with Parmabarb for more pill manipulation?

Personally, I prefer Selma > Dalhia Cr.
It's a safer approach.
But that's me. smiley

friday 24/10/2014

I completely forgot that "Win X Fights in Y mode" were a thing; I only remembered the score ones. So yeah, that's totally feasible.

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