saturday 03/07/2010

Please destroy this thread the event has been cancled.

From tomorrow till 14th of july I'll be gone on holiday. To give an extra incentive to join I will give every 28th person that joins a card worth 2800 Clintz.

thursday 01/07/2010


There are 2 pots, one for everyone and an extra for those of you canadians in celebration of canada day. If i see you switching your flag to the canadian flag, i will kick you out of this event. If it i ever find out, that you switched flags from another player, i will kick you out. Anyways, lets make this a fun event in name of...

smileysmileyCANADA DAY!smileysmiley


"400 is kind of steep..."
You're kidding, right?
Have you seen the prizes?
400 is pretty generous if you ask me.

Anywho, nice event Yoda. smiley
I put a thread in our guild message board so hopefully you'll get a couple more people in it.
Good luck with the event, mate. smiley

Sorry this event was deleted because à french moderator told me i can't pay the price if i have more than 1.000 people.

wednesday 30/06/2010


Made a new preset deck and I wanted to try it out in an event. I'd like to get to 16 entries and am willing to put the start of the tournament off till 3/7

If interested, please apply but only if you plan on staying through to the end and voting, even if you don't winsmiley
Two of a Kind

This game is definitely from Liar Game

tuesday 29/06/2010

Aww man, one was one of my clanmates lol. I should've known that.

it's a free moving event
the players vote for the format and clans
there will be 3 rounds
each round you will vote for 2 clans and an original format
u must follow the format
the majority of ur deck must be made up of people from the 2 voted clans (5/smiley
tht means leaders are allowed and so are fillers and 4/4 decks of the most majority voted clans
yay ~`F`~-~`U`~-~`N`~

monday 28/06/2010

"I think piranhas kinda rule dt's if you can make one, I come in aleast top 100 all the time without much trying... Nightmare on the other hand will never get you in anywhere in dt's.."

Excuse me, but please don't judge if you've never really tried nightmare...
I do not by any measure play optimally, but can usually get 10th - 40th with nightmare
I get top 10 easily with montana, so i'll agree its easier, but it should still be doable with nightmare

As for the original question, I'm not 100% sure because i don't play a T1 deck for DTs
but it should be OK cause nightmare has lots of good 2 stars and some decent damagers
it all depends if you want to play for the 2HKO or play a tiny deck

sunday 27/06/2010

I've seen a similar puzzle... but I must of read it wrong and still got it right. smiley

To join or not to join....That is the question.

Now I shall give you the answer and that answer is..

JOIN!! Still a lot of spots open and lots of clans needing someone to help them win.

I was once in a Lotto and got first but never was awarded anything... and it was like 10K...

I cannot believe, in a few days, The Strong Ones will turn 1 year old.Here is the link to the event deleted

saturday 26/06/2010

You forgot a Tag .
This is gonna be deleted

We need 5 or 9 more players. Players have a chance to double up the amount they paid. Join now.

thursday 24/06/2010

Alright heres the deal. those of us who enter with 5k budget decks will be judged and rated by a judge ( hopefully a moderator). then i will replicate the winning deck and raffle it off to a later group of contestants under level 20.
hence, those of us who enter decks will not win anything but knowing their deck is the best 5k budget deck in the contest. this is solely for the benefit of the newer players and i and anybody else who may want to help form this will not make benefit in any way.

this is a good idea that will help someone less fortunate then others. if a level forty would like to make this an event ( if its possible) ur welcome to volunteer.

tuesday 22/06/2010

Can you make the cheapest and most successful ELO deck scoring 1200 (no Rescue-clan)? A Terry Cr is waiting for you if you can.

Depending on the amount of players who will participate up to 4 players can be jurors
(expense allowance will be 500 clintz)

5* UR-Player

monday 21/06/2010

He means us playing in ELO but getting points in the tournies...
Agis in ELo mode it is impossible to get anywhere near the top of a tourney...rounds and games are much slower and the winners always use 26/27* decks in T2 mode.....the chances of winning Dj korr is virtually 0.000000000000000000001 and why shud they not be played together....

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