sunday 20/06/2010

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Urban has been divided into four(4) factions, each aspiring to implement their own laws over the others. The residents of Clint City, hoping to avoid conflict with these factions, have offered their services to them. Only time will tell which one of these Urban Rivals will be Ruler-Supreme. Whose side will you be on?

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Clintz city has many guilds , but clintz city don't know which guild is the best
here we will decide which guild is the best . Or maybe your guild is
so what do you waiting for ?
join us

saturday 19/06/2010

We need at least 16 players to run the event, anyone wants to join in?

friday 18/06/2010

deleted,for play in the event you must be classified at World Enigmatic Series "English Qualifier Round".

Come in,is FREE.

Is this contest on this week?

wednesday 16/06/2010


Last chance to join...

tuesday 15/06/2010

You have two threads.. close one of em

To inaugurate the start of World Cup I thought this event:
8 players per nation ---- every nation has its own coach (and take the player with the highest value from the register + ELO) who will be tasked to "select" its seven holiday companions
divide players into two groups and the national with the most points through the round, so there will be the knockout semi final quarter the glides (3rd and 4th place) and the final
2nd place would win 65% of the jackpot
3 ° 20%
the 4th the remaining 10%.
Since missing the 1st place and considering that the event that I would pursue nn is so simple I would ask for help for staff awards
elo cn but the format will changeare you agree

Urban Rivals Challenge

It's free...
It's cool...

You can try to win a big Cr...

Join in!!!!!

Urban Rivals Challenge

monday 14/06/2010

Come on and join up people, lots of free space for who ever wants to join.

WSOUR Survivor event

International event open for all players who have achieved 15+ victories in survivor T2.

128 players max.

It will be a direct elimination event, each round will be played in 5 winning games.

Seeds will be choosen by their record in survivor T2.

Entry fee: 2500 clintz

Starting date: 1st july aprox.

1st: 45% of the pot + 50k in cards
2nd: 25% of the pot + 30k in cards
3rd:20% of the pot + 10k in cards
4th:10% of the pot + 5k in cards


sunday 13/06/2010

saturday 12/06/2010

It's not the classic World Cup smiley

Look inside smiley


Event is full.

There will be a 3rd......

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