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monday 30/03/2015

Thanks Pingerz. And I don't take offense Hiphoppa.

sunday 29/03/2015


Tbh I'm already confused.. (no pun intended)

If you click reactivate you get a message stating what you will win instead

try it, you wont lose credits unless you confirm

i think it is like 10 clintz per 1 point

saturday 28/03/2015

Pilluminati congratz, you summed up exactly my thoughts about Rescue in half the words I'd take smiley

thursday 26/03/2015

Years ago I suggested this very idea for those very reasons and people thought I was out of my tree.

I don't have to tell you people how necessary a market limit is.

As I've said a million times,"wanna buy a million copies of card x?Fine,but if you want to sell that much crap,use the auction button,it's what it's there for."

People had their chance to reduce pollution, put a maximum number in.If you want to pollute more,pay up buddy boy.Or better yet,not at all.

So limit the number or for a specific copy of a card put a fee to sell more.

Wow, look at me talking about imposing fees.and I'm such a conservative guy,lol.

wednesday 25/03/2015

Oh. sounds cool

First and fifth are faster with Nightmare or Skeelz than with Berzerk.

Apparently new app is being developed, no official announcement has happened

sunday 22/03/2015

I've had to deal with a couple of WoP incidents recently, so lets clear up a few things

1)WoPs are not supported by admin/mod/event team/operators

2)Don't ask one of them to referee for you -- if they say yes, it is either a)they dont know to not support it or b)they are doing so as players in the community, not representatives of UR

If you do decide to WoP anyway

1)Create an event that clearly shows it is a WoP match -- not a practice match or whatever else.
2)Take screen shots of the match history -- you may need it to show your referee
3)Pick a responsible middleman who will take possession of whatever cards/clintz you are betting
4)DO NOT play the matches without confirming with the middleman that everything is good and he has bets from both sides
5)As a middleman, under no circumstances give out cards without confirming the results of the WoP
6)If things go wrong, that is for the 3 people to sort out -- which is what makes picking the right middleman even more important -- i suggest using a visible member of the community with a good repuation

So i'll repeat, WoPs are not supported. Participate in them at your own risk.

Oh I thought you talked about RB...

No, Pilluminati. (I know that's a person username, but it makes sense.) Anyways, 2015 is probably right.

My cache was cleared, problem solved. smiley
That, or just wait. Go outside, have a drink. In my case, it's "sleep the night, Survivor T2 can wait". smiley

saturday 21/03/2015

I think its time to close this

Best thing you can have was a soa and sob card, most ufeful thing ever cos you face so many idiots overpilling poison cards without noticing lol

Wow. Thanks for taking the time, I get it now smiley

wednesday 18/03/2015


The usual term for one of these cards is a nuke btw

Pity. i kept all mine

I had 12 smiley

Pm me if you make good avatars

monday 16/03/2015

Sometimes the forums suck on this game, this is an example of one of them sucky threads

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