monday 01/05/2017

sunday 30/04/2017

Hello everyone,

I have now decided to close the event, because I have closed this event, a new one has opened early as I may not be available later today.

Please respect I'm only human and I can only do my best.

Thank you for respecting the T&C's of the event.

May will be opening in a few minutes from now!! smiley

wednesday 26/04/2017

You're a good guy blood!!
Thanks for this new giveaway!
Do you make some kind of tournaments too?
Btw, next clan will be hive? Ahaha

monday 24/04/2017

Decided to close the event as the rewards will be too low as the event is long.

Instead is a monthly spam event.

saturday 22/04/2017

monday 17/04/2017

Hello Hideki, thank's a lot smiley

Final plug - join up before it closes in 20-odd mins!

if u see any such report to me or other moderators ASAP..

sunday 16/04/2017

friday 14/04/2017

And from the shadowy figure Hoffman imerges taking off the shadows as he steps into the light with a grin on his face. Dr Saw wasn't terrified knowing the new member was no real threat especially with XU52 loyal to Saw. Hoffman walks close to Dr Saw's desk and looked at the walker program files. As he went through the files he speaks.
"Toro Cr will be upset if he found out his favorite doctor has helped another clan... the la junta nevertheless... I wonder what will happen to you if one was to tell him about your failures. Maybe I will take my rightful place in this clan with better experiments I will make an army that you can never foresee."
Dr Saw replied with as he walks to a door to one of his experiments and says
"That won't be necessary"
He opens a door and a dozen Arkn appear.
Before the army of rat brains can eliminate Hoffman a loud explosion on the east side of the Ghiest HQ has gone off. All Ghiest members were called to defend their home from this attackers.

wednesday 12/04/2017

1 Xiantiax Robb Cr and 1 A Award Cr !!!!

tuesday 11/04/2017

Just give me the prizes, it's faster this way

monday 03/04/2017

sunday 02/04/2017


Search your Friends and Register for this Event smiley


thursday 30/03/2017

Although I don't understand, I like the gibberish that I can't understand followed by a cards name like "El Mariachi" or something else smiley

It's not self advertising if someone else does it smileysmiley

Hi everyone, I am running a 2* battle event. Everyone who completes their battles will receive free clintz, with an additional prize for the overall winner.

thursday 23/03/2017

Hi all, come and join a free event. 2000 ctz to the winner and 200 ctz to anyone who completes all their battles. 8 player limit.

sunday 19/03/2017

3 spots to fill

friday 17/03/2017

Oh I won c:

Thank god I thought through this. I loved the Out Siders c:

It was a nice little event that you hosted, and I think we all had fun c:

Hi guys,

I have 700 Phonos Cr full!

I am selling each Phonos for 6k.

I am looking for card trades or Clintz trades, only if you buy bulk.

I don't accept:

- Loads of cards, I am looking for Cr cards higher value.


- Clintz for 700x at 6k per head.


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