friday 04/01

You can see in your history page if your cards got sold and to whom you sold it
you can go to your history page via market
maybe you forgot you sold them

thursday 03/01

Or if anyone perfers i can agree to sell my Nemo Mt for 3.675M clintz. smiley

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wednesday 02/01

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He has a family izy smiley

@yaoihuntresse Whoa, thanks but for Riots, #Pericles will be appear the KO animation if you use him in your deck.

Sorry ment to type 2010 player

sunday 30/12/2018

@bulgaru21 there are lots of Naruto characters to draw inspiration from. I dunno why the staff doesn't do it. Maybe because it would be to obvious? But then again there are a lot of characters in Piranas inspired from The Pirates of the Caribbean

wednesday 26/12/2018

Wilo Ld, the noel, is absolutely disappointing. I would have traded the 90 credits not to ruin one of the two fun UR card traditions.

#Santa Ardwizz Noel

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The customer is the receiver of a product or service as a result of an organizational process.

Aight well.. let's agree to disagree. The amazing thing about humans is that two people can disgaree and both be correct. I mean no disrespect to the staff nor the players. I'll drop this topic. But will never drop The Meg idea

Thank you so much for the advent calendar rewards!

tuesday 25/12/2018

Np, have fun playing

Good. Thank you Thoazol.

sunday 23/12/2018

We need a 2* 10/10 card with cancel all ability to end all this

saturday 22/12/2018

friday 21/12/2018

Google this 241543903
You are welcome

Is actually one of my favourite arts I would like to keep it :/

thursday 20/12/2018

It's counted as poison backlash. If you're thinking of the LD mission, it doesn't work there.

You can make a competitive tourney deck for 20k, You cant say the same for Survivor or Free Fight.

Remember max stars (25 or 40) is 100% NOT required for tournaments as you get points based on how few stars you have in hand and rounds won based on the star vs star matchups

For Example the following scores are not unrealistic for tourneys
High Star deck
+20 Win
+6 Loss
+19 Win
Total 45 (2-1)
And low star deck
+11 Loss
+9 Loss
+29 Win
Total 49 (1-2)

Just look for cheap low star cards that can win Pill for pill vs most and deal decent damage or have a decent ability
Examples being
Lil Jey

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