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wednesday 11/09/2019

hot logo UR 42 messages


tuesday 10/09/2019

One bad luck and you dead.

sunday 08/09/2019

hot logo UR 45 messages

@Aguia. Pretty much a standard AI fight then. smileysmiley

saturday 07/09/2019

I bought it 1 300 000. Easy.

friday 06/09/2019

I fully agree with you Isolator. The only people this new cr price is going to help, are the market sharks and new players

thursday 05/09/2019

@Isolator GUB: As far as I know that was shelved when the team changed. Though I know as much as every other player when it comes to updates.

sunday 01/09/2019

Will there be an announcement on Monday when he becomes available on Elite pack?

wednesday 28/08/2019

I wonder if you people could tell us how many reached the final reward

tuesday 20/08/2019

hot logo UR 67 messages

I’m glad they’re back, but yea that was an awkward transition time...

hot logo UR 87 messages

Any new coli soon?

monday 19/08/2019

Hulahukah should be banned from EFC smiley

friday 16/08/2019

Roderick is the unstoppable beasts of UR imo. Nero and even revenged Ymirah have to pill 9/10 just to TIE him if facing mono. He's there to win rounds, and is best countered by DR (and oddly a half-decked Joan Cena or Neeck)
Awhile back, someone did a quick analysis of big cards, and (if I remember correctly) Roderick was in the lead by a long shot, followed by Guru and the Fang Pi guy. Then came the rest ending with General Cr (who lost versus everyone due to his 7 pwr).

(I did a quick search and found the post: Big cards Versus chart . Not going to change my above message, as it was generally correct).

monday 12/08/2019

Will it be possible for players below Z Palace to vote aswell? Maybe with less votes for lower placements.

@eot_anomaly just wait smiley

thursday 08/08/2019

Damn boi

monday 05/08/2019

Why do I see Adytia Ld in the NB Packs smileysmiley

Is that supposed to be a mistake?

It was a lot of luck involved and even if i didn't had many tries in terminus and is only my inexperienced opinion,to get an MT seems super hard...Thanks for the insight though,,batdut,maybe the numbers of MT rewards were high and that's a valid reason for the mode not to be permanent as you suggested.

thursday 25/07/2019

Not to mention the mission categories is normally set as "LD" or "Flash" but this time it's "New blood", which is disabled.

saturday 20/07/2019

I had fun with the Shift so when can we expect the next one?

friday 19/07/2019

@Batdut "#Sakhrom"

Glad to see I'm still not the only one who spells it incorrectly after a decade. smileysmiley

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