monday 07/03/2016

No idea how to tell greenwich mean time but ty. I will be patient I've been playing for years but never participated in elo I'm excited too smiley

saturday 05/03/2016

If the original thread starter needs any help with deck building with a budget, feel free to give me a PM. Thread will be closed due to off topic and escalating discussion.

@LoD I was seriously thinking about getting Nabrissa, but I don't really want to change Malicia. Since I'm getting Deborah, I don't really want to waste pills trying to get the heal on Mina when Malicia his higher damage and has the same ability except with defeat. Antoinette I'm getting, but Esmeralda will have to suffice for now. I was going to change Varoslav later.

thursday 03/03/2016

I cant see your deck so all I can say is go with what you feel you can work with.
gheist is a very fickle clan.
main staples of the clan aka must have 3 of them in a deck ever prity much.

elo staples
z3r0 d34d
dolly cr
other types
those some staple you got to have at least 3 of them in a deck of it falls apart.
that's form the knowledge about gheist I know.

tuesday 01/03/2016

Thanks for reply, ppl!

Moon_Yoshi, i just love Naginata too much to remove her from deck smiley Scooty is good idea though, he'll soak extra pillz with Melody and empower Naginatas bluff.

Space Churros. SoB hurts not so much, deck has higher power than SoBs usually do. Attack manip. seems more problematic. DR and poison are common threat, only SoA-heavy decks don't fear them at all, also i got wyre for that case smiley

Too bad FPC's not very good in mono. Imagine Melody+Tsubame smiley

monday 22/02/2016

Wyre -> glover
And gatline -> bryan if u have enough money

saturday 13/02/2016

It works completive just fine an if I run in to soa it real plows them over. an give a good life size

wednesday 10/02/2016

tuesday 09/02/2016

My Deck : Underneath the Orange ' Save ' Button there is a thing tabby thing that reads Type ELO and will either have a Check Mark or an X
By Hovering over that you can see restrictions.
I'll assume you know the basic rules for the deckbuilding smiley

If its a 50/50 card player pee them self's an ban it cause there scared ha.

friday 05/02/2016

14:10 Elo you won by forfeit against DiosoPoderoso, UR Clan De Ganadores (10-7): 1442 ELO
12:41 Elo you won by forfeit against CT - Chaves, Visão da Morte (11-7): 1434 ELO
12:37 Elo you won by forfeit against Cpt. Jackie, Анимешная Гильдия (7-7): 1426 ELO
12:32 Elo you narrowly escaped from D4rK FreeSon, Dark Abyss (5-3): 1416 ELO
12:25 Elo you won by forfeit against (BENYI), D I N A M I T A (17-11): 1407 ELO

No More Sorrows-

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thursday 04/02/2016

Wait oops. You'll see the problem with that suggestion. smiley

monday 01/02/2016

So it all depends on the elo score an nothing more dang that stick. smiley
I was hoping for a bit more complicated then that.

Jaxx ld is not bad acculy but thers better an selsya cr is a terrible card with power=power i9f she faces a soa shes 1 power an that dose nothing for you.

I think it's just you hating the replace imo jazz.

sunday 31/01/2016

When did you buy the entire clan jerromy? Because if you look at how the market is now.. Idk.. Its like not one year ago when most of the cards dont even past the 30k price espefially the new cards, i can understand most of the old one but.. smiley

thursday 28/01/2016

The thread was posted when phoebe /Campbell /kerry rex sweig /Imperia Sloane / rattle were meaned to be banned (the list was updated)

tuesday 26/01/2016

Perhaps a life/dr deck?

She's susceptible to other SOA Clans and such.
Add in that Dolly Cr is a gamble card in a clan that makes lots of damage per card to begin with . . .
Dolly Cr isn't that bad; annoying in some cases but rarely OP

sunday 24/01/2016

I okay hawkins in half decks Jamox .maybe preference.
but still it's never a threat card like chel '-'

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