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sunday 15/03/2015

Lets try not to post uneeded threads.

I thought waster has been long gone for a long time


saturday 14/03/2015

Hi, If you have a problem with another player please contact support or a mod. please don't make it public as it can make things worse.

friday 13/03/2015

Yeah, what Daylit said was slander (technically libel, as he didn't technically "say" it, but meh). I've read like 6 of the last pages, and literally all of them consist of you guys bickering over random stuff with maybe 2% actual discussion. Would be nice if someone closed this topic, as it has clearly served its purpose (in my case, humor, as some of the sh't people are saying on here is just pure dillusional gold). smiley

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Of course, that would cause massive price spikes because many of those cards are rare. I don't think the Flash missions were very well thought out to be honest...we may have seen the last of them...

We need to have a list of stone rools, updated help pages, Admin/mod trackers (although, this should be accross ur) AND some sort of place that isnt collection pro that doesnt show all of my 137 alice copies. furreal doe. its aN EPIDEMIC, just like ugly nails

thursday 12/03/2015

Yes! Bikini Joe LD is much better than he comes across. That 2 damage isn't scary, but that 8 power really helps out (a 9/1 would have been better IMO). Won a match by winning with Bikini Joe LD in round 4, so he isn't restricted to the first or second round (if you and your opponents draw dictate the match to go that way obviously)

wednesday 11/03/2015

I don't think unifying all forum to English, is possible or even effective...they'd most likely make it french if wanted just 1 language, since that what the majority of the 'paying' players are from...Plus making it 1 language will make it harder to get more people into the game...

Again, the question was answered once before and arguments do no need to be continued through these threads. This is clearly a troll thread therefore it will be closed as well.

The question has been answered by the mod who closed the last thread and now this has become the same thread with the same argument as was attempted to have been stopped in the last thread, therefore I am going to close this thread.

Please report issues to a mod and do not try to further cause problems through the boards among the communities, This site is here to help bridge gaps among people of like minds around the world and give a fun gaming environment to people around the world, this kind of post is just creating more barriers. If you have an issue please send it to http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/staff/contactus.php and it will be reviewed. I will now close this thread.

I think it's better to close this subject, sorry guys

And Graxx does it for me

tuesday 10/03/2015

Standard was proven a failure, and also standard would mean they should never release any more ubers in order to keep standard balanced... I love the occasional uber release cough Noctezuma cough Mokra

The victory or defeat -1 opp pillz would have to have a lower minimum, like 1 or 2.

Ok, thank you. Also I realized I didn't buy credits with cash yet and that's why its not working.

The pop-up that says UR has anti-cheat methods didn't tip me off about that but I got it eventually.
So thanks to all! Not sure why you messaged me instead of posted here but to each their own.

Now... can this thread get closed mods? I got my help...

monday 09/03/2015

I completely agree with most of what has been said.
Assuming it has not been 'fixed', you don't actually have to KO with the named card to complete this type of mission. You just have to hit with the named card, as long as you KO them later (with say Kolos ).
I know it is slightly off topic, but I feel like it should be mentioned.

Sell them for 199 in batches of 3-5.

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