monday 22/09/2014

Leaders could just be implemented with missions. That would be cool. I'd love to see some new leaders.

If you haven't completed the mission before then its past the deadline. If this is the case go to the normal missions page and click expired missions. This will allow you to pay some credits to unlock the mission but completing it will only give you the mission points and a small amount of clintz.

Since u full pill the opp doesn't have to think and can kill u fast , so u may finish the match under 1 min smiley

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Wow 7 star cards , now it feels like it's been years since I played fr

But it's a shitty game , winning is a piece of cake is u r using a 55552222 deck and one faction simply overpowers others when an expansion comes out

sunday 21/09/2014

Huracan need Zapatino or a new 2* card smiley

To be fair,they did try updating old starter cards like aldo so they'd be less crap at level one for beginners,but im pretty sure that was seen as a flop.

So i couldnt see UR doing it again.

As for trashing cards to recycle them,you wouldnt bulldoze a museum if it were mostly full of old crap to spite the old crap,you just accept it as being there for why its there.

Plus,certain cards would need their profile to be re-written if you just got rid of them,so you cant just get rid of them.

No only covering the week, then it refreshes on monday

saturday 20/09/2014

Figured it out, sorry ><
Had to mess with the size

Never mind. I'm not getting it now.

friday 19/09/2014

Golds are good to save up if you have the patience to actually save up 100 of them.

OHHHH,i didnt read that at all,oops.

I still stand by my vote.

thursday 18/09/2014

Im guessing they don't do it because people will find a way to purposely go against friends repeatedly then one of them will just leave everytime helping their friend out by giving points by doing nothing.

To start things off, I've written evaluations of Pericles and Naliah so far.

wednesday 17/09/2014

It has to be two different cards to activate the bonus, but support abilities count from doubles aswell. A hand of four Jordygn would be 8/4 CoB on all of them, a hand of four Sabia 7/1 -4 opp. dmg, min 2 and a hand of four Pam 4/5 +8 attack. Exception is the Leader clan when doubles of the same leader activate the bonus.

tuesday 16/09/2014

Pericles will probably hover around 70k. The only reason he's this high is because of his NB missions and the event.

monday 15/09/2014

You can use thi website to serch for all - pillz cards. It also sows you the average price:

sunday 14/09/2014

The only clans that have SOA or SOB as bonus are nightmare gheist roots piranhas . Anll clans can have cards with SOA/SOB as ability

They want you to get less Elo and they lose less Elo. about commitment :/

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