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wednesday 04/08/2010


Hope to see you join~

tuesday 03/08/2010

This kind of subject should be posted in Strategy and Tactics: General forum.

This forum is for tournaments and events. It could be posted here, but you have to make it as an event. Give prizes for the best clan etc..

Mods please close.

Jessyrussia's inheritance

Jessyrussia has spent all this morning selling cards because she leaves Urban Rivals. This event is for drawing her last cards. A totally random event

If you you have gone through the market this morning, you could have found cards in sell by 56 clintz. She sold them because she thought that it was totally random, but due to differences between the connections, such equality was not total. So she agreed to do this event. For equality to be total

monday 02/08/2010

deleted join, recruit and rate green guys!!..

friday 30/07/2010

Well lately I've been looking at the US guild rankings and noticed that they change ALOT. So I got this idea and we can actually see which US guild is the best! 7 people from each guild, all guilds with 50k+ Average points may join. There will be 3 rounds in which some guilds will be eliminated in. JOIN UP!
If you think your guild is worthy enough then JOIN and tell your guildmates about it!

thursday 29/07/2010


There is a delay between your current score and when the standings get updated

wednesday 28/07/2010

Its advertised on each of our guild message boards my good friend.smiley

tuesday 27/07/2010

monday 26/07/2010

Hi, everyone! I created an event to celebrat my birthdaysmiley


sunday 25/07/2010

The ony way to be in the event on your i phone is if you r curently in it on the computer which means if u leave the room to go do a tournament and then go bak ot the event u cant untill u get bak near your computer.

saturday 24/07/2010

Im interested Post me a message, ll try and get people in, post me details

friday 23/07/2010

Need more members and I have to think about my deck . . .

thursday 22/07/2010

A Dalhia 0xp be given the greatest donor thank you
if I have alot of donations (about giving more 20donateurs 1000c) I add a full Zatman xp won from among all donors

Awesome Lottery, a guy is giving away his entire collection and if the jackpot hits enough, pandalicious will be donating some Cr's to the pot. please join this event: MY birthday lotto!!! but after it it's bye until frog comes back blame him for getting godawful grades and me for being so crazy

if the pot reaches high enough i will be donating my Vickie Cr as well

tuesday 20/07/2010

Only 3 more people can join

monday 19/07/2010

It happened again!
2nd time..
So Hard to find an opponent if you're undefeated and a High level in TQ smiley

Theres already a thread for this

Yeah sorry about that i hate my computer

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