thursday 06/05/2010

Go to it here:

wednesday 05/05/2010

Go where they're directing you
Also it's prolly cause you win, but very slowly. Most players in DT have no idea what they're doing but as long as both the player and his opponent play fast, there shouldn't be any problem getting out of the match quick with at least 3 points for the loser and at most 30 points for the winner


tuesday 04/05/2010

Hey just letting everyone know i have made an event called This is a fight!

Keeping the rules very basic fighting in type 1 style with no elo bans everyone battles each other twice and the winner at the end of the event is the person with the highest points.

Only 200 clintz to join and up for grabs will be a thaumaturge Cr and if 25 people join a terry Cr will be donated as the runner up prize.



monday 03/05/2010

1 messages

Join people

Found the link:

Or i can lmao forgot that xD

sunday 02/05/2010

Heading towards 300. just need about 20 moresmiley

For your event, are Poison and Damage Reduction allowed?

ANNOUNCEMENT: This is the link to the new event version for all the trouble I went through.

DO NOT TRY THE LINK ABOVE, it leads you to nowhere.

Who will control clint city multi tournament the best Bangers deck will go against the best All Star deck etc etc

saturday 01/05/2010

Freaks need some love. Is this event going to happen?? smiley

Last day to join is today.

get your T2 deck and come smiley

About 2 hours and 16 minutes left

friday 30/04/2010

Interesting facts from the event -

--- 108 players who want to fight at the begining of event
--- 40 players end the event as active players
--- aprox. 5900 matches have been done
--- there were about 60 penalty points
--- 7 players get at least one point in every round - _Marco_Ti3st0 , callisti WMD , Storm007 , Lord Cristian , JackLaNuit , Spiesi , justin77 (but justin77 does not have point from bonus round)

--- player mipus (ends 13th) has score 6 points out of 6 after 3rd round ... in next 4 rounds + bonus one he get just 2 points
--- player lmcristi75 (eliminated because of his wish) has 6 points after 4th round ... he was angry because of some lost games ... even with 3 unplayed round he would end 25th, but he was eliminated ... I think he should play until the end of event

Sunday, May 2nd is the last day to sign up for the event. The event will start Monday and run for 2 weeks.

thursday 29/04/2010


200 clintz to enter

Tournament type ELO

please enter people

wednesday 28/04/2010

It's a great event so join and lose to me smiley

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